Make the most out of your office space and increase productivity

All work and little workplace interest can turn an average employee into a pretty unmotivated creature, and every manager knows that lack of work enthusiasm is a shortcut to disaster. For this reason, the world’s most successful corporations treat workplace design as one of the top priorities for long-term sustainability, growth, and employee satisfaction and are willing to pay extra for state-of-the-art hardware as they know the value of office design goes beyond sheer aesthetics. A carefully designed workplace is a hotbed of growth, so if you want your company to flourish and your staff to stay as productive as ever, you should make the office conducive to long-term sustainability, employee comfort, and business expansion. If you don’t know how to make your workplace work for you, here are a few simple ideas that will help set your office on the suave and super-productive track.

1. Minimalism reshaping the business arena

Minimalism made a loud entrance to the world of interior design a couple of years ago and has been steadily gaining momentum ever since. These days, shipshape workplaces rock minimalist notes, with a simplistic color palette and no-frills backdrop coupled with paperless office design and eco-friendly features for maximum aesthetics and functionality. Apart from the pared-down backdrop, contemporary office furniture also boasts minimalist touches characterized by sleek lines, elegant color contrasts, and simple yet stylistically effective material combinations.

2. Ergonomic furniture is a hot office feature

Ergonomics is another aspect which occupies a prominent place in modern office design, and it also constitutes the backbone of a human-oriented workplace. Resources spent on ergonomic chairs with foam padding and sit-to-stand workstations will be an investment in long-term staff wellbeing, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity. On top of that, comfort-fit designs also shine bright in spaces dedicated to entertainment such as break rooms and lounges, where ergonomic furniture and accessories are as important as they are in the work area proper.

3. Shed a green light on your business results

Lighting is another aspect of a contemporary workplace which can make or break peak business results. These days, eco-friendly lights are all the rage in the world of office design, and up-and-coming brands value the benefits which energy efficient lighting entails, such as long-term utility savings and reduced frequency of sick leaves due to poor illumination. If you want to take your team’s productivity to the next level, it’d be smart to invest a part of the capital in eco-friendly lighting fixtures and thus shed a green light on long-term business performance.


4. Accessorize with employee comfort in mind

The fact that contemporary offices rock a minimalist design doesn’t mean that personal touches have to fly out the window. In fact, a few handpicked accessories can dial up the aesthetic value of a modern office and infuse it with a tasteful dose of comfort and character. For this reason, it would be smart to add potted plants, motivational posters, branded promotional products, and similar accents to the workplace to make your staff feel comfortable during work hours. After all, a dose of functional coziness can’t go amiss if you employ the extras with taste.


5. The synesthesia behind business success

Scents, temperature, colors, and textures are important aspects of an office designed with peak productivity in mind. To keep the work area comfortable and conducive to top performance, opt for a soothing color scheme, set the thermostat to 23-25 degrees centigrade, and throw in a set of incense sticks or an essential oil diffuser to keep the office air pleasantly scented. In addition to that, it’s advisable to have the office air conditioning system cleaned and serviced regularly since air quality also has a hand in productivity, absenteeism, and employee wellbeing.


There’s more to productivity than meets the eye, but clever workplace design is still essential for long-term performance and employee comfort. To hack superior business results, invest a part of the budget in ergonomic furniture, accessories and extras crafted from natural materials, use energy efficient lighting, do away with clutter and needless frills, and paint the office in soothing colors, with just a touch of tasteful contrasts to keep the area dynamic and visually stimulating. After all, if you want your employees to keep up the good work as months go by, the least you can do is set up the office with their health and happiness in mind. Good luck!


Emma Miller is a digital marketer from Sydney. Works as a blogger, Senior Editor for Bizzmark blog and a guest lecturer at Melbourne University. Interested in digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends.

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