How to Improve Workplace Efficiency by Choosing Virtual PBX


Business communication has come a long way and plays a big part in the successful operation of a first-class business. Your business telephone service has become much more than just a home phone you use at work. Employees need extensive features that enhance their workflow. Transitioning from the office environment to being out on the road is a must. These features usually been reserved for the wealthiest of businesses needing costly data centre space, mandatory equipment and complicated wiring to connect these services. Virtual PBX phone systems are the answer and can improve workplace efficiency by providing the benefits of expensive systems at a fraction of the cost. Switching to the cloud and virtual PBX phone systems is a no-brainer. It’s easy to see why businesses are ready to make the switch. Read below for a list of virtual PBX phone systems many benefits.


Lower Cost of Virtual PBX Hardware

Virtual PBX systems doesn’t require a lot of money upfront unlike other complex business phone systems. Keeping costs down allows budget to be allocated else ware increasing business efficiency. On-going maintenance and management is very cost-effective with virtual PBX.


Customer Experience

Virtual PBX phone systems allow a business to service people wherever they are, at any time. Local phone numbers can contact call centers in another area without the recipient even knowing.


Mobile Integration

Many people no longer have a singular ‘workplace.’ Working mobile or on the go has become the new norm for many businesses and professions. Virtual PBX phone systems allow these people to work anywhere, anytime and with any device. The world has become an office and virtual PBX makes this possible.


Advanced Features

Advanced calling features are what make virtual PBX phone systems so great at increasing workplace efficiency. Virtual PBX gives you the usual access to voicemail but adds on tonnes of features such as remote call management, email, directory, auto attendant, hold music & voice messaging to name just a few. Virtual PBX phone systems provide a full suite of interconnected communication options. These features allow your business to provide customers with efficient and reliable services.



Scalability is super important for growing businesses. Nobody wants the excitement of your growing business to be tampered by the cost of expanding your resources and capabilities. Virtual PBX phone systems are the answer. Being apart of the cloud means you can easily add or remove lines and systems with minimal cost. Upgrading has never been easier with nothing holding back the growth of your business.



Virtual PBX phone systems have come a long way regarding call quality. Where this was once a drawback of the system, is now a strength. Crystal clear phone quality is achievable thanks to the advancements in virtual PBX technology.


Number Retention

With the prevalence of smart devices, it is inevitable that employees will use their own devices for company business. Virtual PBX phone systems turn this problem into an ideal solution. Personal and business lines can be combined on the single device. No more carrying around 2 phones, confusing which one is for what purpose. Your business will also save money on providing work devices for employees.


As you can see, there are many benefits of using virtual PBX phone systems. Cheaper to install with lower on-going cost with all the benefits of a more expensive system means increased productivity across the board. The value this phone system will add to your business is immense. If you need help switching, get in touch with the likes of and they’ll put you on the right track. It’s time to take your business communication into the cloud with virtual PBX phone systems.

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