Why You Are Holding Your Business Back

factors that can hold back your business


The root of a problem in business can be a difficult one to locate sometimes. Sometimes the solution is right in front of you, and you put in place an essential rule, like increasing productivity, minimizing certain processes, or just letting someone go from the company. But what if that one thing that is wrong with the company is actually you, the owner? Not to say that you are the source of everything going wrong, but what if you are holding your business back? The business could have unlimited potential, but you are too cautious? How can you solve this?


Look Back To Your Vision

When you first started out, the visions or goals you had for your business, have they come to life? If not, do you think it’s time to go back to the original dreams you had and start to realize them? Sometimes we can feel constricted by finances, limited staff members, and naturally, as time has gone on, we have learnt to make do with what we have. A lot of people view this as a positive, to work with restrictions, but if your business hasn’t turned out the way you wanted it to be, this is where trouble will arise. So what’s the solution? It’s time to call in favors; it’s time to start bringing in additional resources so you can realize your vision. And don’t even be afraid of upscaling your workforce, you may very well benefit from working capital, and there are plenty of sites like workingcapital.co to show you the best options. But in trying to realize your vision, it’s time to start spending money to make money. Your original vision may have been altered down the line, and now it’s time to get it back.


Share Your Vision

The next step in the process is implementing it. The best business leaders know the value of sharing the vision with their employees on a daily basis. This is the core, the fundamental ethos of why a company is operating, and it should be evidenced in every aspect of the business, from the workplace culture, all the way through to the marketing materials. You may think that your staff share your vision or know exactly what your vision is as a business, but if you don’t communicate it on a regular basis, how are they going to work towards this vision? Sometimes communication is the main problem. There is an interesting article on hbr.org that shows you how to communicate your business strategies more effectively that may benefit you in this respect. But it always comes back to you, the leader. If you are unable to communicate your vision properly, why would anybody follow suit and work towards this version? So in this respect, it may be time to reassess yourself. But this is something you should be doing on a regular basis anyway. If you feel that your business has slipped away from you somewhat, we always need to start with ourselves and then assess the rest of the organization.


It’s not that we are a bad fit for our business; after all, we built the company from our own ideals. But the business can change so much over the years that it’s not what it once was. To thine own self-be true!


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