5 Productivity Apps Every Millennial Needs


Mobile phones have come the long way from the time when they were used only for making calls and texting. They have grown into something much bigger. Now, the bar for phones is set as high as for our computers. The computers are constantly upgraded with new and better software solutions and programs, so are the smartphones. The only difference is that mobile phones are equipped with applications instead of programs and that there are so many apps on the market.


Today, there is an app for every problem in our life, or so it seems. We have been cluttered with apps that have no real use or value. It is getting hard to recognize if something is actually going to help us or not.


Therefore, we have put effort into providing you with apps that stand out from the crowd and that will enable you to make most of your day.


So, keep on reading and learn more about these apps that are here to make your life easier and make you more productive.




iOS | Android
With Evernote, you can be assured that you won’t be needing notebooks and pens any more to jot down your thoughts. This cross-over platform enables you to write down random things that cross your mind with just a few taps. You can take notes by typing or by handwriting. What I found most useful is that you can even record notes and the app will transcribe everything you say into the text. Evernote is synced with Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox and other services. It is available for your browser, mobile phone, and tablet, so you can just change the device and continue where you’ve left. If you are likely to forget things, you can just set the reminder with a simple description or a picture to help you remember everything.



PDF to Word Converter

iOS | Android


PDFs are great for sharing because they stay exactly the same on every device and OS, but the downfall is that you can’t edit them. PDF to Word is an app that enables you to convert PDF to Word files, so they can be edited later. This app does the heavy lifting for you because you don’t have to retype those documents manually. Its OCR engine allows you to accurately convert even the scanned PDFs documents. PDF to Word Converter app enables you to convert files from cloud services, such as Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, and DropBox. You can also convert files that are sent as email attachments, directly within the app.



Genius Scan

iOS | Android


Have we mentioned that the paper documents are obsolete? Genius Scan app confirms that once again. Simply take a photo of the document or receipt and this app will automatically convert it to JPEG or PDF files. This means that Genius Scan acts like a mobile scanner, enabling you to document everything, wherever you are. If you want to take a photo of a whiteboard at the end of the class or a meeting, then this app is a replacement for your notebook also. You don’t need to snap a photo directly facing a whiteboard, this app will fix that for you and make it look like you actually did. If you have a multiple page document, you can take numerous pictures and this app will make it a single PDF that is ready to share. You can document almost everything.




iOS | Android


Since nowadays we are more close and in touch than before, the collaboration with your friends or coworkers is becoming essential. With Trello you can organize your to-do list in beautiful boards and you can share it with everyone. If you are an event organizer you can make a list of tasks with completion dates and assign each task to a separate person. By uploading the picture to your boards, you can make sure that you will easily distinguish board with your football friends and your coworkers’ board. But this isn’t just a tool that you can use for collaboration with other people, you can also organize your personal list of daily tasks and keep a track of it, as well.



Blue Mail

iOS | Android


Blue Mail is an app which will sort your emails, so you don’t have to do it. It is the best app for the people that have more than one email account and they want to keep them all in one place. You can set the “don’t disturb mode” where all your email notifications will be disabled for a period of time. So you will get them only when you are available to read them. Emails are automatically grouped in folders, like family, friends, and work. A useful feature is that when you are done with an email, just press done, and it will be hidden, without deleting it. Later on, with smart filters this app has, you can just find that one email that you were looking for.





Using these productivity apps can turn your phone into a real swiss army knife. Whether you need help you with document management, note taking or organizing your life, these apps are all meant to give you an upper hand. Save your time by outsourcing some of the tasks to your phone and put it to a real use.


And remember, being productive isn’t just a buzzword, it is a way of life.




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