To Outsmart or Outspend? Here’s How You Get Ahead of Competitors

Tech startups have it tougher than most businesses these days. You’re considered a veteran just by surviving for five years on the market, so you’d think the ones who make it had a rather rapid learning curve. They need to think ahead and react fast when an opportunity arises; not that different from how most small business owners run their companies.

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Use their wisdom to get the upper hand, no matter what line of business you’re in. By staying smart and relevant while your business is still young, you might even be able to challenge the giants you’re up against, clearing the way, and putting your company on the map instead.


Connect with the customers through a purpose


Let’s face it; as a small company, you’re not going to be able to outspend the giants anytime soon. When it’s time to compare bank accounts, the bigger companies will always win – but there are other ways to stick your head out that doesn’t involve spending large sums of money.


Connecting with your market through a noble cause costs very little and may even speaker louder than money can. They want to identify with your company somehow, and the best way to do this is to create a higher cause with what you’re doing, something that can’t be duplicated by the companies around you no matter how much money they throw at it.


You need to figure out what they’re looking for of course and make it an honest part of your company culture. Nobody likes a phony and the audience will quickly see through some sort of marketing gimmick that’s designed purely to attract attention – and they’ll punish you for misusing a good cause like this.


Even though you can get ahead without the same amount of money, it’s a good idea to have something handy for when you need to throw yourself around and react quickly to seize an opportunity. Make use of the trillion different options for small business owners out there, such as and you’ll be prepared.


Use emotion and enthusiasm


Patos plays a big role in outsmarting your competition, and you need to use it when finding a noble purpose for your company as well as when you’re planning out the business strategy.


Remember that professional doesn’t have to mean boring; many business owners keep drafting lengthy papers on strategy, boring the minds out of their employees, and expecting them to react with enthusiasm.


It’s just not going to happen, and the customers will never be enthusiastic about your product or services unless your employees are. Sell it to them the same way you would have sold it to the customers, tell them stories, and weave emotion into the picture. Check out, by the way, for some specific tips on how to do it.


While logic may very well make you think, emotion makes you act – and that’s what sells a product, drives traffic, and puts your company on the map.


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