Worrisome World: The Three Anxieties We Face Now



Let’s face the facts, anxiety is incredibly common nowadays. More people are suffering from a general anxiety, all the way through to people who have to take medication to control symptoms of depression. But it doesn’t have to be a chemical or medical condition, we all can suffer from anxiety in a one way or another now. The speed of life in the 21st century is a big contributor to how we feel nowadays. Even if you compare where we are now in comparison to 20 years ago, you can see a massive difference. The increase in technology has jumped so much so, that the world of 1997 is barely recognizable in comparison to now. So what are the three most common anxieties that we feel nowadays?


Workplace Anxiety

The pressures we feel to hold down a job now is far more than 15 or 20 years ago. The competition for one job, no matter how low-skilled it is, is very high. And, as such, we feel compelled to keep this job, no matter how miserable it makes us. If this is you, it’s your prerogative to get out of the job, before it makes you more unhappy. And there are ways to do this, but it involves being proactive by looking for other work whenever you have the opportunity. Or you can register for temp agencies if you’re looking for a quick way out of where you are and need to bridge the gap financially before you decide on what you would really like to do.


Debt Anxiety

It happens more now, credit card companies are throwing so-called “free money” at us, encouraging us to spend, and with the increasing interest rates, it is leaving us saddled with debt well into our later life. If you are currently working to get yourself out of the debt cycle, are you making the most of the resources at your disposal? Or are you even aware that there are sufficient resources to help you out? There are sites like debtrelief.xyz that provide solutions on how to get out of debt, from debt consolidation to the more extreme options like bankruptcy. Debt can get us down more than most things in life, but it’s important to be aware of how best to handle it, and rest assured in the thought that there are more ways out there for you to cope than you think.


Relationship Anxieties

Life was, in some ways, simpler years ago. The relationship rigmarole of meeting someone, falling in love, getting married, family, etc. was straightforward. But now we can face conflicting thoughts on the idea of what a relationship is meant to constitute. Some people are still in it for The Long Haul, others believe that love is a fleeting thing. And it’s these issues that people can suffer from, even if they have no intention of having a partner or not. Have a look on calmclinic.com and see if these are any issues you may suffer from in a relationship. Loneliness is something that is more common amongst younger people now, in spite of social media. And a lot of people still place pressure upon themselves to get into a relationship as soon as possible so they can have a sense of emotional security. However, the important thing is for people to go at their own pace and get an understanding of who they are first so they can give their all to a loved one. Sometimes something as simple as going traveling can help you figure out who you are, but it still doesn’t stop people piling the pressure on themselves in this respect. In this case, the game of time is what you need to play.


Anxieties are everywhere, but these are the most common people will face now. So look at these three and think of how you can rectify these to live a more fulfilling life.


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