Improve Your Customer’s Journey To Payment

Customers love to shop. That is, they love to shop when the shopping experience is carefully prepared for them. Some store owners, both online and in the real world, simply don’t take the time to plan the customer journey. This journey is important if you want to convert more leads. And generating leads should be a big part of your strategy.


What I Want

Customers start shopping when they have a problem. They want to hand over their hard-earned cash to get that problem solved. That means your business must steer the customer to that point of sale by showing them the solution. You might also show them why it is the best solution, how it will work, and even how they’ll feel once they’ve bought it.


Get Started

Have you ever mapped your customer journey? This is a useful tool to help you identify the moments when a key decision needs to be made. It’s not as simple as turning up to the shop, seeing the product, and paying you. Online shopping, in particular, has many more steps. Most of these are research-based. The customer wants to find out more.


What I Want To Know

Firstly, the customer needs to know what the range of solutions might be for their particular problem. This might start with a Google search. That search might display your retail store address in the results, or your website blog post that discusses a particular product in detail. But it will also display all of your competitors. This means that your website has to be the most comprehensive and easy to use of them all.




Payment Options

If you sell low-value products, the customer will naturally prefer a cash sale. A retail store might be the best option for them as they can have that item now. Mid-value and high-value items might be purchased by card using one of the systems detailed at The customer’s budget will also play a part. This is why your pricing strategy needs to begin here, with the preferred method of payment. It might steer your customer’s journey too.


I’m Convinced

Once the customer is convinced that your product in your store is their best option, you need to offer the step that leads to a sale. Taking money from a client or customer is not as easy as it sounds. Make a mistake here, and you will lose the sale. You need to provide trusted and secure methods of payment. If you’re in retail handling cash, you need to make sure service is quick, personable, and accurate!


Before I Go

Don’t be afraid to try to upsell or cross-sell before the customer goes. This applies to both online and store retail sales. If you add a promotion or freebie with it, you’re more likely to have a happy customer. You also want good reviews. This also applies to real world and ecommerce. The more good reviews you have, the more future customers will be convinced to buy from you. Can you improve your customer’s journey to payment?


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