Tips to Cool Down Air Conditioning Costs in Commercial Property



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Cooling or heating your office with quality air conditioning means you can count on a comfortable indoor environment regardless of the season. While we all want to be kept cool in summer and warm in winter, energy prices are rising every year. There are some essential ways that you can use your air conditioning unit more efficiently so that your bills are kept nice and low.


How to set your air conditioning unit

As a rule of thumb, you want your quality air conditioning unit set to 24 degrees during summer and 19 degrees in winter. For every adjustment in air con use you do without, will save you power in the long run. Think about this when you’re adjusting your air conditioning unit and pick the right temperature the first time and don’t change it unless you must. A common rule to follow is to not set your air conditioning unit temperature to anything under 8 degrees below the current outdoor temperature during the warmer months.


Curtains & Shutters

The temperature in your commercial property can be reduced during the warmer months if you have curtains and shutters that can provide much-needed shade and prevent the office from heating up. When it gets colder, heavy curtains will keep the heat inside. One of the best ways to reduce your air conditioning bill is not using it at all.


Combo with a fan

Fans are great at circulating air and can be paired with your quality air conditioning to produce better results. A fan will circulate the cool air generated by your air conditioning unit. This means less work needs to be done by the air con.


Shut Doors and Windows

This one is nice and simple. Make sure you close all windows so no heat or cooling can escape it’s intended location. Also make sure to close doors to rooms that don’t need air conditioning. Following this step is essential to effective and efficient air conditioning.


Maintenance & Cleaning

Your air conditioning unit will need to be maintained regularly. You can do simple things yourself such as cleaning or replacing filters. A clogged and dirty filter makes any air conditioning unit work heaps harder than it must. This means more power used and a bigger electricity bill. We recommend trying to replace or clean your filters around once every month or so.


Replace Dated units

Old units aren’t as efficient as newer models. It you haven’t upgraded your current air conditioning unit maybe now is the time. This could result in a hefty drop in your electricity costs. Newer models allow for better circulation of air and a more efficient use of power.



Finally, circulation is the key to any type of quality air conditioning. You need good circulation around your air conditioner unit for it to reach its maximum efficiency. Ensure that your air conditioning unit is not being blocked by anything. Remove any furniture, curtains, plants or fixtures that may be in its way. You’ll also want to check the outdoor unit of any system and make sure it isn’t blocked by plants or clogged with dust. If the air circulation is restricted in any way, it will lead to increased energy use, possibly resulting in a damaged unit.


Air conditioning units keep you and office comfortable and productive all year round. Follow the previous tips and you’ll be able to maintain a pleasant working environment and an energy bill that won’t break the bank. If you’re thinking about upgrading your unit speak to the team at and get ready to cool down your air conditioning costs.

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