Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Summer Ready

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When the days start getting longer and the sun seems to have more bite than usual, it’s a sure sign that summer is on its way. Summer obviously brings plenty of positives and is most people’s favourite season but there is one glaring downside. Those super-hot, sweaty & muggy days where every bone in your body is close to boiling. Hopefully on days like this you can head down to the beach or go for a swim in the neighbour’s pool. If this isn’t an option, it’s time to turn to your tried and true air conditioning system. This piece of kit is the saviour of many sticky summer days. So, before those days roll around you’ll need to get your home air conditioners in perfect working order. If your quality air conditioning has been sitting idle all winter long it’s time you got it summer ready.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in the glaring heat with home air conditioners that aren’t functioning at 100%. A hands-off approach is not the way to go, so read on and studying up on some tips for getting your quality air conditioning summer ready.


Clean or Replace Filters

This is the easiest and often most important step. Clean or replace your home air conditioners filters around 2 times annually or whenever you see dust beginning to clog them. If you don’t clean the filters, air flow will be restricted. This means reduced cooling ability. You will also blow the trapped dust into your home. Having clogged filters with restricted flow results in your home air conditioners running harder and longer. This means more power use and higher electricity bills.

Keep in mind a filter reducing allergens will accumulate dust and debris much faster, so it requires more frequent attention. There’s no reason not to do this. It’s easy, takes little time, and prevents a ton of problems with your air conditioner.


Check & Clean the Outdoor Unit

Your home air conditioners condenser unit is generally found somewhere outside. It is a large box housing a fan with grilled side plates. Hopefully you were proactive and covered this unit with a tarpaulin or something similar. If not, it more than likely has accumulated lots of dust, leaves & debris. This means you’ll need to give it a good clean before summer kicks in.

Your home air conditioners coils & fan are designed to transfer heat. If these are dirty it can’t do it’s job as efficiently. For the absolute best possible performance from your quality air conditioning unit you must clean and remove all the dust & debris. You can usually wash these parts with your garden hose. You’ll want to try and avoid the electrical panel however.


Check & Repair the Lines

The tubes and pipes that run from the outdoor unit to the home air conditioners inside are usually covered with insulation. This is generally made of foam. This insulates the pipes so they don’t lose energy during transfer. Check these lines to see if any insulate is missing or damaged and replace accordingly.


With some simple cleaning and maintenance procedures you can get your home air conditioners in a summer ready state in no time. If bigger problems present themselves during your check get in touch with professionals such as an expert opinion. That next heat wave will be nothing more than a breeze with you summer ready home air conditioners.

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