Buy An Established Business In 5 Easy Steps


One reason why most budding entrepreneurs don’t follow their dream of starting a new business is that they are very aware of all the risks that come with launching a brand new company. To start a new company, you will need a completely unique idea and selling point. If these two things aren’t met with enthusiasm, then there isn’t much chance your new business is going to succeed.


Thankfully, there is a way around this problem and, in actual fact, you don’t always need a risky idea to become an entrepreneur. You could just buy an already established business and take it on as your own. This isn’t quite as rare as you might think, and businesses are being bought and sold all the time. Ready to buy one? Here are five steps you need to take.


Consider The Type Of Business


You need to think about what type of business you want to take over. Do you want one that is office-based and comes with employees? Or maybe you would rather buy an online business that you can run without hiring anyone else? Once you have decided on the kind of business, you can then move forward with the next steps.


Raise The Finances


You will need to raise enough finances so you can afford to buy the business. You might want to go to a company like to apply for a business loan. An alternative solution is to try and find an investor to provide the initial startup finance. Once you decide to buy a business, it’s a good idea to start saving so that you have some funds to fall back on.


Find A Business Broker


It can be difficult trying to find the right business for you, so you might want to work with a business broker. These brokers are just like real estate agents, except they focus on sourcing businesses for potential buyers instead of property. Simply tell the broker your industries of interest and the type of business you want, and they will do their research to see what is currently available. You can find a broker at


Carry Out Due Diligence


Once you do find a business that matches what you’re looking for, you shouldn’t just hand over your money straight away. You will need to carry out due diligence to make sure that it is going to be a fairly safe purchase. You can do this by carrying out a valuation and look into the company’s finances and current sales contracts. That should give you a good idea of how it has been recently performing.


Write Up The Sales Agreement


Happy to move on with the sale? You should write up an agreement before you confirm the whole transaction. The agreement needs to state everything that you will receive with the business. Get an attorney to look over it to make sure it is all above board.


So, buying a business doesn’t look that hard really, does it? Good luck with your new company!

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