Why You Should Spread Those Career Wings

Making big waves in your career is what can propel you through the ranks in your industry. Staying still and having a job that doesn’t excite your or get your creative juices flowing is not the way to spend your working life. When you’re young, life is about packing in as many memories as possible and soaking up as many cultures as you can get. Adventures are important as well as enriching your life with experiences you may not get to repeat later on. One of the biggest ways you can enrich your life and make memories is to take the chance to work abroad and if you get the opportunity to live and experience your dream career in another country – you should grab it with both hands!

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There are a lot of factors involved with moving abroad, even if it’s a temporary arrangement and this means there will be a lot of things you need to consider. From paperwork to visas, you first have to choose the place you want to head to. You can take a year and work your way around Australia, or you can direct your career to the more exotic India. Either way, the choice you make is going to really put a label on the type of experience you’re going to have. The culture change may be a shock, but the overall experience you have is one you can think of positively! We’ve put together some reasons you should consider taking that job offer abroad:

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Personal Growth. Any step you take in your career is going to contribute to your personal growth, but moving overseas and taking a job contract abroad is probably the biggest step you could take for your personal development. Taking yourself out of your normal routines and placing your life in a different culture is a big way to grow your experience in your role as well as your life experiences. There’s no such thing as a comfort zone when you make steps to do something different and advancing your career with some time abroad takes you very far out of that zone you are used to.

New Cultures. The nitty gritty of moving abroad is going to come down to the paperwork involved but it’s going to get you to those new cultures and memories you want to have. Going through the process of registering for visas and sorting identification cards, including knowing what to do when you lost your Aadhar card, is the first step you take into a new role abroad. Immersing yourself into the culture around your new job is the biggest learning experience that you can have. While your visa may be temporary, you are still a member of that society for as long as you live within it. that kind of depth that you are exposed to can give you a perspective you may not have considered in your life.

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Industry Understanding. Taking the time to work in another country can help you see your career and industry from a completely different angle. You don’t have to be in a busy city to gain some cultural experience, nor do you have to be in the countryside to see how your industry differs in another place. You gain a different perspective entirely and perhaps a new appreciation for the job you are doing by working somewhere totally new. If you transfer within your same company, you will still have a very different experience than you currently do!

Motivation. The undeniable excitement of being in a new city altogether can change how you view your job. Your commute changes, the people are different and though the job itself may be the same, you can find other avenues in your career to climb the ladder and better your resume. A new environment with new things to see on your days off can make those long work days all the sweeter, really! Learning from those around you will also change how you feel at work, as they will have new things to teach you.

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The way you feel about your job will affect whether or not you decide to test the waters of a job abroad. It’s a big commitment, to spread your career wings and see where life can take you, but if you get offered the chance to take some time away from what you are used to, it is never a bad thing! Get the right advice, or just jump with your eyes shut. Life is going to be what you make it either way!

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