Preparing Your Employees For An Office Move

Most businesses have to move locations at some point. This may be because you are expanding or because you are changing locations to take advantage of emerging markets. The office that you started your new business in may no longer be suitable for your needs and a move may be inevitable.

This is a potentially stressful and disruptive time for your business and it can impact staff morale. However, with the right professional support and some careful planning, the move can be a positive thing for your business and your employees. Here are some great ideas on how you can prepare your employees for the office move.

Send out a message to all employees about the move

It is essential that you tell your employees what is going on as soon as you decide that you will be moving your office. You can do this by organizing a meeting or by sending out a group email to explain what is going on.  

Early notification is essential. It will give your employees time to look into new travel arrangements and consider their options. On average, notice of around 2-6 months is suitable.

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There will be a mixture of reactions to the move. Some employees will be pleased and will embrace the change. Others will be worried and concerned. Employees with family commitments may be most severely affected. They may have organized their travel and child care arrangements to fit in with your current location. It is important that you work with them to explore alternatives. Could they alter their working hours so that they could take advantage of alternative travel arrangements? Some may even decide that they want to reduce the hours that they work. For this reason, you should give them as much notice as you possibly can.

Engage a professional moving firm

You can make your employees part of the moving experience by engaging a firm of commercial movers. They will know how to work with your employees to make the move as pain-free as possible. They will be able to supply all your boxes and protective wrap that your employees need to pack up their items carefully to ensure that they arrive safely at the new location.

When you make your employees part of the moving process and keep them informed at every stage, it is far less stressful for everyone.

Arrange series of updates

Once the move has been announced, there will be a lot of speculation and rumor. Try to cancel this out by supplying regular fact-based bulletins about the move. You can do this by putting up signs or sending regular emails. You can provide maximum reassurance by sending out an email at the same time and on the same day every week. If you don’t do this you run the risk of losing the trust of your employees.

Always send out a positive message about the forthcoming move. Talk about the advantages and opportunities that it will bring to the business as a whole and individual employees. If you can make your employees feel excited about the move it will be a positive thing for your business.

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