Are Open Office Spaces Good for Your Business?

Everyone, at some time or another during the day or the week, needs space. We might need it for quiet or for thinking—or just to get away from everyone else. But when it comes to the work day, very few of us get space, all to ourselves.

That’s because the majority of the work world, at least in the U.S., spends their work time in open offices. The idea of shared, boundary-less space began in the 1970s; it was supposed to boost collaborative efforts and communication.

And there’s no doubt that open office spaces can and have done some of that. But they’ve also had a detrimental effect on privacy and productivity. However, because of the many positives—including a less expensive setup and an easier way to bring in natural light to more people—they’re not going away.

What can your workplace do to mitigate any negative effects? This graphic has some ideas.