India for Technology, India for Gripen: Why India does not need the F-16!

This is a personal opinion article written by the TIB team-member, AS Prashanth. If you have anything valuable or substantial to add, either for or against, please comment below. Profane and unsubstantiated comments will not be moderated and will be deleted right away.

Why are warplanes so important for a country that talks about being a world power? The First World War changed war as we knew it. No more cavalry charges or battle formations but the killing is industrial in scale because the bullets, artillery, trenches and all the equipment was started to be manufactured in industries and cheaply, so did the killing become that. The fear psychosis that a war can instill a human mind, force a person into shock, imbue fear and stifle the very existence.

War is technological progress in a nation. Wars aren’t fought by Spartans anymore or do the numbers matter. Gripen for India is the only logical solution to a debilitated aviation industry. India lacks a concrete industry to stand on, to fight on or to move ahead with. The country’s cataclysmic adherence to kleptocratic nuisance and myriad peccadillo created a system unfailingly loyal to patriotic wrongs our forefathers fought for. Modern India is a country that demerits the merit and bases itself on a Marxian class oppression and war, is a society that built itself on hatred and indignation that shear off its own citizens, its brothers and sisters against each other to recompense the historical wrongs of one caste against the other, an act that bisects the country for forced reprobation and atonement. The country lacks faith and trust among its own citizenry – this for a civilization that promoted oneness of animal, man and nature alike.


India cannot, or is reluctant to induct its domestically designed and developed Tejas fighters into its fleet. Tejas has faced intense criticism for its 3 decade long development period heaving itself a failure in technological advancement. The project was a demonstration in capabilities, India as a technological power can achieve independently. The fabrication technologies especially in the composite materials were one of the positive advancements through the project, which would not have existed without the LCA program. Given the extensive delays from table to the sky the LCA is possibly the oldest plane in induction when F-22, a far more advanced 5th generation warplane started around the same time in the early 80’s and had its first flight by 1997.  The greatest technological achievement of independent India is flying warplane while all the weaponry it supports is imported.

Warplanes are a marker for the mathematical might of a country, it showcases the pinnacle of it’s constitutional achievements and scientific precision.

India, the maker of man into mankind for the world today is wading hole of injustice, corruption, rule mashing bureaucracy and a dark union. It’s technology hungry youth leave the country to shine and be proud sons of this civilization. India lacks an industrial capacity. From the time when the British left, India had an aircraft manufacturing facilities, weapons manufacturing facilities that met the match to other facilities elsewhere around the globe. The Socialist setup that plagued and drowsed India post-independence has successfully prepared India to play audience to the developments and breakthroughs that no more ours. There was an exodus of talent and a willful bargain for talent to paltry remittances at the price India paid to remain backward and backwardness as an exclusivity when nations poorer than India in the 1940’s have left our country miles behind. The limited military self-sufficiency of the yore is today a primarily import regime where none of the defense establishments can come up with products that can compete internationally. India exported locomotive engines, was one of the only aviation servicing hubs in Asia during the Second World War, the B-2 Spirit was designed and developed by an Indian from Bombay named Noshir Gowadia; just when we think where the great men of the past are, lets reconcile and ask the right questions “where are the great opportunities?” The industrial dismay that is Indian science, is actually a problem of human capital, lethargic interests, intellectual bankruptcy and a comically sad talent acquisition procedures.

  • India cannot manufacture semi conductors – for the paucity of funds to undertake an infrastructurally expensive manufacturing
  • India cannot manufacture systems capable of electronic warfare or systems to counter that due to the lack of technology/funding and lack of qualified personnel
  • Indian military isn’t a networked military when the army generals pay billions of dollars to buy expensive toys ( SU 30MKI and Rafale) while a far less capable F-16 and F -18 along with proper missile support can enforce a No-Fly Zone over an entire country
  • India doesn’t manufacture engines any more while just 50 years ago India was the only manufacturer of engines in Asia
  • India doesn’t manufacture airplanes again due to the lack of technology and funding
  • India doesn’t manufacture composites due to the relatively weak metallurgical advancements in that area

Without any of the above things, you cannot put up a decent industry to manufacture any system that is capable of countering or defending our land against a giant like China and a neighbor like Pakistan when one of them has the potential to wage a continuous quantity war of attrition against its south western neighbor, pumped up by the arduous production lines, India is only capable of throwing away all its expensive toys into the fire.

What we need today is not an airplane that can fly and drop bombs but we need an eco-system that can support advancement, a wherewithal of technological competence, adequacy, potency in our factories, efficacy of leadership and quality defense products. If India wants to buy all its equipment from Russia, India will never be more powerful than Russia but is a game for countries to play upon.

India does not need the F-16. We should rather go for the Gripen. Saab has promised 100 years of aircraft manufacturing support, support with developing the 5th Gen AMCA, manufacturing electronic warfare chips within India, support with Kaveri Engine. This deal is important for 1 very important reason.
A warplane requires about 20 million parts to come to production. Does India have the industrial capacity to put forth so many parts of such high precision? No. Make in India is not about defense posturing but it is about building that industrial capacity. Hence, Gripen is a hands down winner.




This is a personal opinion article written by the TIB team-member, AS Prashanth. If you have anything valuable or substantial to add, either for or against, please comment below. Profane and unsubstantiated comments will not be moderated and will be deleted right away. ©2017, The Idea Bucket

Author: Anya

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  1. The Author has scripted the article with a holistic approach, considering all the pitfalls . It’s more realistic factual information, hence author needs appreciation.

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