How To Stay Relevant In A Mobile Environment 

There are many aspects that can make or break a site’s reach and influence. However, since research shows that mobile-only users became the majority in 2015 and Google prioritized mobile-friendly sites in its searches last year, the most important consideration is making sure your site is mobile-friendly. This can create a significant impression if you are just launching a new brand and wish to make your digital mark. 


Research shows that more than half of mobile users simply abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. So if your pages are slow to appear, you simply won’t be seen. And if you’re not seen, you don’t exist.

What is an AMP-friendly theme?

To help tackle this problem, tech industry leaders created the AMP Project – AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages” – these allow publishers to make mobile content which loads instantaneously on every platform. Using an AMP-friendly theme makes your content load four times faster than those without it, so it is the best way to make sure your site stays relevant and has an edge over competitors.

Here are three popular themes that you might consider, based on price, range and functions that you might find useful, but there are many AMP-compatible WordPress themes to choose from.

The Multi-Purpose Theme: Chap  Priced at $60, Chap is a solid and reputable multi-purpose theme.

It is perfect for personal, business use or both and its many easy-to-use component options from buttons, headers, and formats provide a high level of design customization, regardless of the website admin skill level.

Chap is also great for those who like to try new things and keep up with trends, as it offers the ability to change theme preferences with one-click and instantly publish for viewability.

The Journalist Theme: Publisher  At $40, Publisher is the perfect theme for anyone that wants a conclusive editorial platform.

This theme comes with 12 fully original templates that make it the best and most comprehensive platform to publish any online magazine, blog, newspaper or review site.

Although it has a great deal of functionalities and templates suited for every type of media, Publisher comes with “Visual Composer”, with drag and drop features, which makes it one of the easiest themes to use and perfect even for beginners.

The Artist Theme: Pinna  Priced at just under $15, Pinna is the one of the best AMP-friendly WordPress for video blogs and artist portfolios.

It is specifically designed to support video content on your mobile site without slowing down the page loading time, while also featuring responsive grids and supporting lightbox feature for images.

Pinna is also light on the battery of a viewer’s device, making it perfect for ensuring your image and videos reach the largest audience possible.

Ultimately the choice is yours

Choosing the right theme will make sure your site is relevant in the mobile environment regarding the most important technical aspects. The rest – coming up with great content, marketing and brand building – is up to you.


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