Installation Tips For Outdoor Gazebos


Having a gazebo at your next outdoor trade event is a great idea. Not only will it keep you safe from the elements, it will also look professional and grab people’s attention.  When it comes to setting them up, there are a few things you should be aware of, in order to get it installed quickly and safely. Check out our top tips to install an outdoor gazebo.

Check the size

Okay, this isn’t necessarily directly related to the installation of a gazebo, but it’s a top tip to be aware of. You can get gazebos in all sizes, but if you’re going to predominantly be using it for trade shows and fairs, then you’ll need to get one that’s going to fit. Don’t get an absolutely massive one, a small square one should do it. The last thing you want is to invest in a gazebo that won’t be allowed at most events.

Find a level area

You need to try and install this in an area that is as level as possible. Installing it on a slope is a recipe for disaster, and could bring with it some major safety concerns. Where possible, choose an area where the ground is as flat and even as you can.

Check the area is clear

Some experts will say that you should ensure that the area around your gazebo is as clear as possible; at least 5 ft. Whilst this might not be possible if you’re at a packed trade event, look out for things such as large trees. If you’re too close and their branches get blown about, you could have a problem and your gazebo could get badly damaged.

Consider anchoring

The safety of the people around you should be your number one priority, and there is nothing more dangerous than a gazebo getting caught in the wind and blown away. Not all gazebos will come with straps, but if they don’t, consider buying some to help you attach it to the ground. Large water weights that go around the bottom feet of the gazebo is also an excellent way to keep the gazebo attached to the ground.

Check the weather

Lastly, just check the weather. Whilst gazebos are an excellent way to keep you out of a cold chill, rain or sun, if it’s too windy, you need to consider if it’s safe to put up. Even with anchoring, if your gazebo is getting caught in too much wind, it could still blow away, and will cause you unnecessary stress to boot.

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