How To Keep Office Temperature Right For Maximum Productivity


As an employer, getting the most from your employees is of the utmost importance in order to ensure that your business is running efficiently. Ensuring that your employees are happy and enjoy their workplace environment is crucial. This can be achieved through a number of ways, including added benefits, flexible working hours and through having a creative office.


One of the things often overlooked in achieving maximum productivity is the temperature of the room. This simple thing can really make a big difference to employee productivity, and with this article, we’ll look into this a bit further.


How it affects productivity

Have you ever been out on a hot Aussie summer day where it’s so warm you can barely concentrate? All you want to do is run inside where the air conditioner is on and you can cool off. Well if your office is too hot, then employees are going to find it difficult to concentrate. Not only will it make them uncomfortable, but it’s also likely to make them sleepy as well. Which is not exactly the best way to be productive.


This also works in reverse as well. If it’s too cold, then employees are going to be focusing on trying to keep themselves warm, rather than focusing on their work. It’s an unnecessary distraction that could prove costly to your business.


Choosing the ideal temperature

Working out the ideal temperature to keep your office can be tricky. With so many different people all feeling warm or cold in different ways, it can be difficult to choose a temperature that suits everyone.


Old research used to suggest that a temperature between 70 to 73 degrees would be suitable for most workers. However, this research was done during a time whereby men were the majority of workers. Women tend to feel the cold more easily, which means the old guidelines might not work. Recommendations suggest around 71.5 degrees, but you may need to take into account how many women are in your office as well.


Getting the temperature right

The easiest way to keep a sustainable and even temperature is with a commercial air conditioner. This will enable you to choose both hot and cold options, so that in the winter you can warm the office up, and in the summer cool it down.


Without an air conditioner, you may struggle to get the temperature right for your employees, which could result in decrease productivity.


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