Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioners


Also known as split system air conditioners, you have probably seen ductless air conditioners  at some point on the wall of someone’s home. Relatively small, they don’t require ducts in order to work, which make them a great option for many home owners.

If you’re looking to invest in a ductless air condition, then read on as we look at why thee air conditioner systems are so great.


They allow you greater flexibility

Because the system does not require ductwork, it makes it super convenient, in particular for old buildings with thick walls. They’re usually pretty small as well, which gives a wider range of flexibility for where you put it.


They blow both hot and cold air

Ductless air conditioners, as mentioned, are also known as split system air conditioners. This means that they provide both hot and cold air, depending on what you want it to do, which means you only need one system to provide both variations. This is great so that you can keep yourself cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.


They save you money

Whilst they can be a large initial investment, they’ll save you money in the long run. Ductless air conditioners are small and incredibly efficient, meaning that you won’t be hit with skyrocketing energy bills. Because you can only heat up or cool down the rooms you want, you won’t be using up energy that you don’t need, making it a great energy efficient option.


They’re easy to install

The great benefit of ductless air conditioners is how easy they are to install. Rather than installing a traditional air conditioner which requires several weeks and many disruptions to your home, a ductless one (depending on the units required) can take as little as one day to install. They only require a small hole in a wall (unlike a ducted system which can require the need to rebuild walls and ceilings around the ducts) so it’s non-invasive and quick to do.

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