In Business, a Job Well Done Is a Job Done Well

In business, every single job that is performed or venture that is taken should be done as well as can be. No stone should be left unturned when it comes to ensuring that everything that is asked of your business is not only done, but that it is all done as well as can be. There is no room for a job — any job — that is undertaken not to reach its full potential. Whether it be everyday jobs that are asked of your business every day. Whether it be jobs regarding your workspace. Whether it be jobs regarding your employees. Whether it be jobs that you, yourself have been tasked with. Whatever job it is, it has be done and it has to be done well.


But in business it is definitely not a case of ‘if you want a job done right, do it yourself’. No, in business it is imperative that you seek as much help with ensuring every single aspect of yours is optimised. You can’t do everything yourself, even though you are the owner of the business. You can’t treat it like a one-man band. Doing so will help neither you nor your business. It will not help you as it will induce stress. It will not help your business because when you are stressed you won’t be able to provide it the backbone it desperately needs. So, you should seek as much help as possible — whether this means seeking internal or external help.


And you should never be tentative to ask for help from external sources. In some cases, this is the only way in which a job can be done well. Unless your business is a world-renowned and world-beating enterprise then you probably can’t afford to have each and every position filled. What this then means is that you may be inclined to ask your employees to do jobs and fill positions that they are not trained or qualified to do or fill. For instance, if you own a hotel business and you ask somebody who works on your bar to fill in on reception then the job on reception is not going to be done correctly. And if you then ask said bar person to return to the bar then they may be too flustered or even too tired to do the job you actually brought them in to do. This means neither your reception or bar is being manned the way you want it to be. And it’s all because you haven’t got the finances to find cover. Now, not having the finances to find cover isn’t a bad thing, but it is a bad thing if you don’t outsource your job in question. There are a plethora of services out there that you can outsource jobs to in order to ensure that they completed by professionals. For bar work, for instance, there are agency companies that will provide you with a pool of trained professionals to pick from that are ready and waiting to take up any job offered to them. Your business is going to benefit when you hire somebody externally who is specifically in the know on how to do a specific job the best way possible.

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You should also get as much help in setting up your business’s base as possible. By this it is meant that you should ensure that your workspace is both everything it should be in the eyes of the law and that it offers your employees everything they need. And, unless you are an expert in architecture, engineering or construction yourself then you should get help in doing so. You should seek the services of a consultant firm that specialises in all these things, such as Cochran Engineering, in order to assist you. If you are seeking to create the workspace rather than move into one you should use their expert architectural knowledge to ensure that everything is included in the plan that needs to be. If you need the infrastructure of your workspace testing or indeed improving then you should put their engineering know-how to the test. And if it’s construction issues that you face then you should ask them, or a company of the like, to survey any work that has been or is being done on your building. Simply, you must find professional services and you must implement their knowledge on the area of building work that you face, especially if you or anybody else deems your building work to be complex. If you don’t then you are liable to make mistakes that could bring huge consequences. And if these kinds of consequences are brought about then you will be held liable for them by the law. There are many reasons why an employee may take to suing you, don’t let your workspace be one of them.


Ensuring your workspace is as it should be isn’t the only job you need to complete attentively. In order to survive your business must be attentive to a host of other aspects as well. One such aspect is your finances. Every job involved with your finances needs to be completed, and they need to be completed well. To be completed well you should hire a trained and qualified accountant that knows the exact demands of each job that lands on their desk, as well as how to do them well. In this sector of your business you should also seek to hire an in-house financial advisor. To stop your business from burning it is imperative that you keep it out of hot water. It is imperative that you keep it on the right side of the tracks with the law. To do this you have to make sure every job you are asked by law to complete is not only completed, but completed well. A financial advisor will help you do just that. They will distill their exact expertise in order to help your business remain legal. They would help you with your tax and insurance issues in order to help you avoid getting in serious financial trouble, or even trouble that could result in a sentence for you. They would help you with all important payroll situations that you simply can’t afford to fall behind on. And they would assist with any insurances you wish to take out to protect yourself. Now, think to yourself, would you be able to handle your legal requirements yourself? Would you be able to add these jobs to your already overflowing list of jobs to do every day? Would you know your VAT from your PAYE? Would you know how to deal with issues regarding IR35? You can’t leave anything to chance when it comes to business. But you certainly can’t leave anything to chance when it comes the legal requirements put in place on your business. Everything about them needs to be done, and done well. This is why you should bring a crack team of professionals on board to assist you with them.

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But just because you ask others to do every job you set them well, it doesn’t mean you can become lackadaisical with the work that arrives on your desk every morning. Just because you have offloaded a certain job to a certain person, it doesn’t mean you can afford to spend the time you’ve freed up for yourself in a way that doesn’t benefit your business. As a business owner you, of all people in the business, needs to do every job well. You need to do so because your business needs you do so for its success. And you also need to do so in order to distill a hard working mentality in your employees. If your employees know, or even better see, that you are maximising the potential of every job that you face they will know exactly what is demanded of them. They may even be inspired to work harder. They may feel that if they work as hard as you they could one day themselves make it as a business owner. As a business owner you have to hire, delegate and outsource. But you also have to lead by example and do every job that you have — and you need to do them well.


Business is a gamble, but you should never gamble on any job in your business being completed in a less than satisfactory way. In order to survive a business must do well in its market. And to do well in its market every job within it needs to be done well. So, if you need to look externally for assistance in making sure a specific job is done well, you do it. If you need to hire qualified and trained professionals, you do it. If you need to work hard yourself, you do it. Whatever it takes to ensure the jobs in your business are not only done, but done well, you do it.

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