Continuing Education: Is It The Right Choice For You?

Furthering your education and gaining a degree in college or university could have been a dream of yours from an early age, or simply a choice you can’t avoid to make given the line of work you want to do. But may people face the decision of continuing education at some stage in their lives, either straight after school or even returning to education in later life. But is it right for you now? What options do you have other than education? These are all things you need to contemplate, and there are few things to consider to help you come to the right decision for you. We explore some of them below.



Is further education necessary for my long-term plan?


Sometimes we can be thinking that education is our only option, but have you thought about it as a long-term plan? What is it you want to do with your working life in the future? Does it require a degree or specific skills to be learnt in an educational environment? Would hands-on experience prove more valuable to you in the future? These are all questions should be asking yourself when it comes to choosing the right path for you and your next step. After all, you could spend months and even years studying towards a degree that may not be useful to you when it comes to the career you want. That being said, you can learn some valuable skills and gain accreditations and certificates for certain lines of work that you would not be able to master without.


What about the financial side of things?


The financial side of things when it comes to furthering your education is a big hurdle to overcome and something you should take time carefully considering your options. Thankfully, there are many funding methods to further your education if you aren’t able to pay for tuition or fees yourself. You could consider a job alongside your studies, apply for a scholarship, or even a student loan. These days you don’t need to worry about paying them off in the future as researching the best student loan consolidation programs is much easier than you think.



Are there other options to consider?


Education is not your only option after school. Gaining hands-on experience in the industry you want to work in can be priceless, and can even see you excelling further than your peers who have degrees. This enables you to have time learning your trade and getting involved in all aspects of the job, rather than having to begin at this stage after the education process. Of course, some careers require you to gain certificates and qualifications, but still using your extracurricular time to gain work experience will never be a bad thing to consider.


Accommodation and family support


Finally, the last thing to consider is where you will study and ultimately where you will live. Some courses might not be offered in your local hometown and may require you to move away from family. You might also want to consider what support network you have around you to ensure that you continue on the right path.
I hope this guide helps you come to a decision on whether further education is the right choice for you.

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