Is Your Company On Top Of Essential IT Tasks?

There are almost no businesses operating today that can survive ‘off-grid’. IT is deeply embedded within companies and facilitates most of the day-to-day activities of any business. Accounting systems, HR, marketing and sales all rely on a number of software programs or apps to work. Even your customers need reliable IT provisions from you so they can contact you. They use it to buy from you and to leave positive feedback on their experience.


Like any other part of your business, the IT systems need regular maintenance. They need to be updated and monitored to ensure they are working as you need them to. It’s also essential to ensure your company data is secure. This data might include personal details about your customers, your employees and your suppliers. By law, you have a responsibility to protect any data that is sensitive to an individual or company.

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You probably have plenty of online data as well as offline data. Online data offers basic details about your company, your blog, company newsletters, and product details. All of this information populates your company website and is publicly available. Your intranet provision is not publicly available. However, it is securely accessible by employees within your company building. It has become common for employees to access these systems from their own homes or across mobile networks. When was the last time you checked this provision was secure enough?


Some data from your company and customers must be kept securely for a minimum period of several years in most places. Other information you hold might be relevant for your product development team but is no longer current. If you have servers and hard drives on site, you can easily run out of storage capacity if these aren’t reused. Hard drive degaussers are a handy way to make much-needed space and ensure any out-of-date confidential data is securely wiped.

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As your company grows, it is a good idea to have an internal employee tasked with monitoring IT reports. It’s so important to avoid any computer chaos that costs your company downtime. If your data is breached, this could have serious repercussions for your employees and your customers too. The quicker you find out about it, the quicker it can be fixed, and the quicker you can notify those affected. This is essential if you want to avoid hefty fines for negligence.


Aside from deleting old data, you may need to archive files too. Backups are crucial as well. Assigning the management of these IT tasks to somebody who can carefully retrieve the data if needed is essential. Sometimes this is performed by an external third party company. For speed, you might prefer an internal candidate. However, be wary of key man dependency in these areas. Try to stay on top of reporting and monitoring so you can assign these tasks to others if necessary.


IT isn’t as complex or complicated as we fear it might be. But it is absolutely crucial for our business. Who can you trust to take care of your essential IT tasks today?

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