Bring Your Office into the Modern Age

Sometimes you don’t realise that you’re working environment is a little bit outdated. If you’ve not shaken things up during the last few years, then you’re probably running your business from an office that isn’t as productive and forward thinking as it can be. The good news is that bringing your office to suit the needs of 2017 and beyond doesn’t have to cost the earth – and in fact, it will actually save you money in the long run. If you’re still stuck in days gone by, take our advice below and join the rest of us in the modern world.


Your Hardware


It is, admittedly, a pretty big operation to get rid of your old tools and replace them with new ones. Computers, printers…they’re big investments and you’ll want to make sure you get your money’s worth from the ones you’re currently using. But the truth is, if they’re several years old then they’re probably not going to be performing at the level you need them to be performing at. Many, many work hours are lost each year due to slow or crashing machines, and if it’s happening often you’ll be severely reducing your productivity. Make the overhaul and you’ll have the latest and fastest hardware at your disposal.


The Software


Things have developed a lot in recent years, particularly in the software we use at work. Indeed, software is replacing many of the old hardware that used to be essential for any company. Instead of paying for an expensive traditional phone system, look at VoIP solutions for your business instead; it’s more flexible, more reliable, and cheaper than the old telephone communication systems. Elsewhere you should be looking at cloud storage for your important documents. You can have an actual hard drive too if you want, but it should always be backed up to the cloud. That way you’ll never lose any of your essential files.


Working Hours


The nature of work is currently shifting, and it’s going to become even more pronounced in the coming years. In particular, there will be many remote and flexible workers than in times past. Though traditional minds prefer to always their employees working onsite during set hours, it has actually been shown that people working from home or choosing their own hours are more productive than those who work enforced set hours. Adopt a progressive approach for your workers and it’ll ultimately be good for your company – and that’s really all that matters.



It has never been more obvious than businesses need to have a more eco-friendly approach and do their bit to help protect the earth. If nothing else, then know that customers are more and more opting to give their money to companies who show eco-awareness. You can implement an earth friendly approach in your office by doing simple things like making it policy to turn all electrics off before leaving, encouraging car sharing among employees, and trying to limit the amount of paper you use – and recycling the paper than has to be used.

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