The Best Team Building Sports For Your Business

It is common knowledge that a team that works well together will achieve the best results, and this is especially true within the workplace. Whether you work in sales and marketing, or retail, or even the hospitality, nothing improves the morale of your employees than an environment in which they feel valued, and an environment in which they have friends.

Every successful entrepreneur has the support of great, hard-working staff. Within every successful team, there needs to be a strong element of trust, and successful business owners have quickly realised that there is a market to make a profit from running team building courses.

The problem, however, is that these courses are often expensive and they can feel too “forced” (almost like an extra day of work which in itself can be very demotivating), but there is a relatively cheap, and much better, alternative.


Not only is sport great for the body and mind, releasing endorphins which will produce that feel-good factor, it is a relatively cheap (and very fun) way of helping improve relations within the work environment. Here are the best sports for all of your team-building needs.



Rock Climbing

With nothing but rope and your team preventing you from falling, rock climbing is a great way of building all important trusting relations. Requiring upper body strength, complete trust and a nerve of steel, rock climbing is a great day out for your colleagues.

Indoor climbing centres are a great introduction, and cater for those even with a fear of heights (and what better way to build trust in your team than by allowing them to help you conquer your fear!

Indoor centres will provide you with all of the gear that you need, and if you feel like taking rock climbing up as a hobby,  safety gear, such as that found at Fall Protection Pros, is certainly worth investment.


Blind Balloon Volleyball

The sport of volleyball requires perception and an almost psychic connection with your teammates, but is also very physically challenging. Blind balloon volleyball is great for team building, as it focuses the importance of success on communication and coordination with your teammates (and is not too physically demanding).

Easy to understand, the rules of blind balloon volleyball ensure that everyone is able to have a fun time!


Crossover Dodgeball

If you’ve seen the film, you will understand how teamwork is central to success of this game, and indeed how this sport can bring people together.

Unlike regular dodgeball, nobody is “out” in this game, but rather when you get hit, you cross over to the opposite side. This ensures that the game remains fun, light hearted and gives your team a great opportunity to play a team game with a less competitive edge.

Going to bed with a copy of “The Five D’s of Dodgeball” is optional.

Image from Flickr

Whatever sport you decide to opt for, the main purpose of it is to have fun and improve relationships between your employees. Remember, a happy team is a successful team, and a successful team is the driving force behind all good businesses.  

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