Employee Benefits: Be More Like Google, Netflix and Airbnb

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When an employee envisages their dream job, a very small percentage is made up of the actual work. Employees look at things like the company ethos, the causes they work with, career opportunities and, above all, the benefits and perks the company offers.


These benefits and perks make up a huge proportion of an employee’s bottom-line, happiness, and well-being. According to the professionals from Carnegie, one of the most important benefits is the pension scheme a company offers. However, it is also things like health care insurance, paid holiday, bonuses, the number of paid sick days and the maternity/paternity leave.


It may only be a recent phenomenon, but maximizing what a company can offer its employees has seen a huge surge and one that has been pioneered by some of the biggest, most successful and most forward-thinking companies in the world.


But don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself.

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The San Francisco-based cloud computing company knows what employees want. As part of their benefits package, the company gives its employees $1,000 to donate to a charity of their choosing, as well as giving each of its employees 6 days a year of paid leave for them to volunteer their time. That is how to attract top talent.



Last year, the undisputed king of disruptive technologies was crowned the best place to work, and part of this was thanks to the travel perks they offered. You see, Airbnb gives it’s employees $2,000 annually to spend on traveling the world and staying at Airbnb listings of their choice. If you were to ask an employee what they want from a job, travel would make the top three, so it is to see why people want to work here.



We have all heard about the perks Google offers its employees, from free food at its on-site restaurants to devoting 20% of their time to personal projects, but there is one benefit that not many people have heard. If a Google employee dies while in employment, Google provides their spouse with 50% of their salary for the following decade to ensure they have the financial support needed.



We have all heard of Netflix because it is completely changing the way we watch films. But their world domination is not at the expense of their employees. Netflix is one of the most incredible companies when it comes to paid maternity/paternity leave, offering a year of paid leave. The great thing is, this is flexible too because they allow these employees to return full-time, part-time or extend their leave as they see necessary.



We are referring to the World Wildlife Fund here and not the wrestling brand, which has a thing called Panda Fridays. This happens every other Friday, and it is where their employees get that day off. And there we were thinking that this non-profit wasn’t doing enough good in the world.



If you’re a winter-lover, then you’re bound to have heard of Burton. If not, it is one of the most well-known snowboard companies out there, and what they offer their employees is something else entirely. What they offer is a season ski pass for the slopes, and then snow days, which they describe as time off to hit the slopes after any big snowfall. After all, life is too short to not enjoy the slopes.  


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