How Entrepreneurs Win Big With Simple Cleaning Businesses

When you think about startups these days, most people have visions of a glamorous, fresh new tech business disrupting things left right and center. But is it always wise to go down this route and follow the current trends? Sometimes, the old school, less glamorous businesses offer a far more exciting opportunity to make a name for yourself – consider a cleaning company as the perfect example.


Whether you want to provide cleaning services for homeowners, a janitorial service for businesses, or develop a niche in the industry – such as environmentally friendly cleaning –  there is a lot of potential to make a fortune from a simple cleaning company. And in this guide, we’re going to go through exactly what you need to do.

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Educate yourself


First of all, just because most people have the opinion of cleaning as a simple business doesn’t mean it is – far from it, in fact. There is a lot to learn, from dealing with difficult customers to investigating new chemicals and safety equipment. If you want to become a highly profitable cleaning company, you’ll need to wrap yourself up in this unglamorous world. Read every trade publication you can get your hands on, and go to industry events and conferences. Join your local trade organization, too, and develop excellent working relationships with your suppliers.


Develop a robust system


Here’s the thing about making money in the cleaning industry – you won’t make any by working for yourself. Rates and fees are fairly standard throughout the country, and there are not enough hours in the day for you to pull in a high wage. You need to hire people to clean for you and take a top-down approach, with management, organization, and motivation a large part of what you do. And to manage those people properly, you need a robust system in place that can provide a stable structure and encourages a consistent and efficient process, from scheduling work to ensuring there is a backup for absences.

Pic from pexels


Invest in the right equipment


Let’s say you have a car cleaning business. When you first start out, it’s cheap and easy – all you need is a few sponges and the right liquid, as well as some waxing gear to provide the perfect finish. Once you establish yourself, you can take on workers, which will earn you, even more, money. But the problem is that it still takes everyone twenty minutes or so to clean the cars with sponges, which is impacting your production levels. But what would happen if you were to invest in some pressure washer systems? Your workers could be finished within five or ten minutes, you could double -or quadruple – the number of customers you serve in a day, and you will end up raking in cash.


Quality first


However, don’t encourage your workers to rush their jobs, and quality is always more preferable than quantity in a service industry like cleaning. As a final point, your reputation depends on it, and while most customers understand that accidents can happen, if your business makes too many it will be costly.

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