The Little Things Make the Biggest Difference in Business

In business it is easy to pay extra attention to the seemingly bigger things: the big meetings with the big clients and the big financial deadlines are just a few examples. However, no matter how important these kinds of events are (and they are very important), when too much attention and precedence is given to them the other, somewhat smaller things can sometimes sneak under the radar. And when too many of these smaller aspects of business manage to sneak through the threshold without being stopped or tended to it can sometimes lead to devastating, and very big consequences impacting your business.

A hugely important ‘little’ aspect of business that any of you business owners, or prospective business owners out there should always pay attention to is the way in which you treat people. Whether it be your employees or your customers you should always treat everybody involved with your business with the utmost respect and should never let anything get in the way of this. When laying the groundwork for a successful team of employees, for example, you have to make sure that a host of little nuances are built into it. First and foremost you have to make sure that each individual employee is treated like an individual; you need to thank them, and maybe even reward them, for good work and you need to ensure that they don’t feel disrespected in any aspect when it comes to their gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. When it comes to employee management it is definitely about the little things that you provide to and for them; for instance, ensuring that their everyday work life is as comfortable as possible by making little adjustments to the office and the life inside of it is a good place to start. In regards to this, you could simply provide your employees with a commercial coffee machine to use on their breaks and throughout the day, such as those provided by Honest Coffees, in order to show that you are willing to pay attention to their needs, and not just the things they need to do their work. In blurring the line between work life and social life by making little adjustments you are going to have a team of employees that are willing to work for you and not just their paycheck.

A boss with employees

In this day and age it is common knowledge that if a business is going to make a big success of itself then it must take advantage of all the online tools at its disposal. However, there are a whole load of ‘little’ online tools and features that should never be forgone by business owners. These include: ensuring that your have your own domain name and email address in order to seem more bona-fide to potential customers; using a pro email signature in order to avoid potential scams and frauds; collecting and storing emails in safe and easy to access places using platforms such as Hiver so that you never have to worry about a loss of information; using the same photograph of your business on every social media site that you are signed up to use (which should ideally be them all) to create a continuity and brand for your business; and ensuring that the Search bar on your site is always accessible and useable so as not to lose online customer traffic. In forgoing any of these little things when promoting your business online you are putting yourself at serious risk of losing potential customers and directing the Internet traffic to your business’s competitors.


The little things make a big difference in business; so in order to avoid big consequences, don’t forgo the little aspects.

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