Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners Installation For Commercial Property


If you’re looking to invest in air conditioning for your commercial property, then you should look to consider reverse cycle air conditioners. They’re perfect to cool down and heat up large commercial properties.

When investing in something for your commercial property, there is a lot to consider. We’re here to help. In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why you should consider a reverse cycle air conditioner.


Lower energy costs

When you’re trying to heat up or cool down an entire office, there’s the potential for the costs to rack up quickly. But with a reverse cycle air conditioner, it extracts the heat from outside and transfers it inside. Using refrigerant, it heats up the air and pumps it into the room. With a reverse cycle air conditioner, up to three or more units of heat can be transferred for every unit of electricity, making running costs lower by up to one third in comparison to direct element heaters.

Heat and cool

You never quite know what the temperature in a commercial property is going to be. Even if it’s hot outside, due to the way the building is built, it could still be cold inside. If your employees are too hot or too cold, this could affect their productivity. With a reverse cycle air conditioner, you can either turn it to either heat up a room, or cool it down to suit how your employees are feeling.

Filter the air

The filter in the air conditioner will help to keep your air clean. It will filter our nasty particles in the air, such as smoke particles, as well as keeping dust mites at bay.  With Australia having one of the highest rates of asthma in the world, it’s important that as an employer, you look after your employees and keep them happy and healthy.


Sometimes you might find that your commercial property ends up feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. A reverse cycle air conditioner will help to sort this out and dehumidify the air. It will remove excess moisture and humidity, helping to make everyone feel comfortable in the environment.



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