Protecting Your Startup From Thieving Opportunists

Out of all the things that could negatively affect your business, thieves are perhaps the most deadly. And not the type that physically breaks into your business and steals your items, but the ones who are devious and clever about how they steal from you. The reality is that there are plenty of opportunists out there who are more than willing to steal your intellectual property and ideas to make a profit off your back.


People love value and they love a good deal, which is why there will always be copycat companies that seek to clone popular products. From iPhone rip-offs to misbranded computer equipment, they’ll think of anything to make a quick buck off the hard work of others, and the last thing you want is to become a victim of these fraudsters.



Patent your ideas


If you have ideas that are unique, refreshing or just downright awesome, then ensure you’re patenting your ideas so that you can take legal action against those who want to copy your products. As the inventor of something, you have every right to patent your product and ensure that you are the one who can claim it as your idea. Your hard work should be paid off with recognition from others, so don’t sell yourself short and don’t let other people steal your ideas for their own use. Even if you haven’t established a patent yet, a simple “patent pending” message will potentially deter copycats from mimicking your technology or your product.



Build your brand as quickly as you can


You need to build up a brand as quickly as possible. Establish a good website, add lots of content to show how much you care about your product, and show people that they can take your business seriously. The faster you build up a brand, the less time copycats will have to react to your business ideas and take advantage of them. Once your company has established itself in the market, be it as a leader or a startup that deserves attention, you’ll have a much easier time defending your brand from would-be copycats because not only are people more likely to buy from the original source (you), they’re also more likely to report copycats and shun those products away. You can also request the services of a company like Ten Intelligence that will help you protect your brand. Brand protection is a complicated subject with a lot of different components, so a helping hand is always welcome.


Establish good relationships
A fantastic way to market your startup is to establish a good relationship with both investors, other companies and even your customers. Make sure you keep your investors in the loop and show them how you plan to use their money to grow your brand and your business. Partner with other companies that could help your business so that you have allies when you need help. By partnering with a larger company that can give you support, you protect your ideas and products from being stolen not just by copycats, but other corporations that want to capitalise on your ideas.

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