Are You Paying Enough Attention To Your Website

Many business owners are guilty of having their online priorities in the wrong order. They think that they need to have a strong social media following and then have a strong website. In actual fact, your website should be the priority. Think of it as your foundation – once that’s taken care of, you can focus on your energies on your social media channels. But the website should come first. If you’ve been neglecting your most valuable asset, here are a few ways to bring it back up to speed.



High Quality Content


Your website says more about you than your Facebook page does. If there’s nothing there – or worse, content there but with errors – then your potential customers won’t be sticking around too long. Even if you do have high quality content, you should be looking at replacing or updating it regularly. If you don’t have the necessary writing chops yourself, get in touch with companies who specialise in content writing services and add some useful, well written material to your website – it’s an essential part of growing your website traffic and showing that you’re a professional outfit.


Moving With The Times


Nothing stays still in the digital world for too long, and this includes the type of content that people want. Right now, it is video that is king – and it’s only going to further cement its position as the top dog in the years to come. The stats surrounding videos, not to mention their effectiveness, is staggering, and you should definitely be hosting a few on your site.


Changing the Look


Nobody likes change, but it’s an essential part of moving forward. You can give your website a fresh feel just be improving its design. It doesn’t have to be a massive overhaul, just a few subtle changes. If your website is too text heavy, look at adding a few colourful photos to your pages. Nobody wants to sift through pages and pages of text – make it exciting for your visitors.


Improving the Functionality


You might be able to navigate your website blindfolded, but it’s not really about what you can do (or want). It’s about how easy the people who have never before been to your website before find navigating their way around. If it’s overly complicated to find the essential details, look at getting rid of a few pages or condensing them into one page and your visitors will find it easier to get around.


Contact Details


You might be always available via FB chat, but how many of your customers, really, will want to contact you that way? You should have all your main contact details easily located on your website. This is often overlooked by companies, but it’s such an easy thing to add.


Make it Fun


Finally, don’t take your website too seriously. It’s all good and well having promotions and the like, but visitors should be able to enjoy being there. There’s no crime in having a sense of humour, providing you hit the right tone. Think colour, friendly tones, and interactive activities.

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