Keeping Employees Safe On The Road

Health and safety needs to be on the mind of every employer, there’s no doubt about that. How you handle it depends on the different risks inherent to the workplace. When it comes to a business that takes care of driving of any sort, then you take more risk that most companies. But there are a lot of technologies and practices that are going to help you ensure your drivers and vehicles return safely.

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Screening and training

The value of good training cannot be underestimated. First, ensure that your drivers are fully qualified for whatever specific kind of vehicles they have to handle. Every week or two, you should have lessons in the office on different aspects of safe driving as well. Knowledge isn’t quite enough, either. Screening every employee who gets behind the wheel is your responsibility. Medication use, eyesight issues, and anything else that might impair driving should be disclosed and verified by the employer. If they can’t verify it, they shouldn’t get in the car.

Get their cars equipped

Safety is all about awareness of the road and for some vehicles, it’s harder to maintain than others. That’s why you should equip every car with the kind of equipment that gives the driver a better understanding of the kind of situation they’re driving in. For instance, TPMS gives them an idea of tyre wear and tear so they can anticipate issues with their handling. Rear vision kits can be crucial in assuring they can maintain full road awareness in vehicles that might otherwise lack it. Invest in adding more safety features to those vehicles.

Intoxication cannot be accepted

You need a strict policy on driving while under the influence of drink or illegal drugs. Any sign of employees indulging when they shouldn’t be should be grounds for serious disciplinary action. Mandatory drug tests should be a recurring process for all your drivers, for one. But you can make your vehicles smarter so that employees can’t drive if they’re over the limit. Smart interlocking systems can disable a car if the driver fails to pass their test for instance. Random re-tests can be set up so that the vehicle continues to assure the driver’s sobriety during long trips as well.

Where safety is concerned, keep an open door

It’s important to listen to your employees above and beyond all the concerns mentioned above. They are the ones who deal with the risk most often. If they tell you that driving conditions make things too dangerous, or that poor vehicle ergonomics cause health issues that can impair driving, then take them seriously. Make it clear your door is open to any health and safety issues on the road. Otherwise, some employees may be too intimidated by the fear of reprisals to make a justified complaint.

The costs of a road accident to a business can be some of the heaviest you will incur. Worker’s compensation is one thing, but reckless driving also puts some of your most expensive assets at risk. Don’t let drivers out without ensuring they’re good to go.

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