Meet The Men Who Built Thriving Online Stores

Building an online store was once an impossible dream. But with the rise of so many tools designed to help young, aspiring men and women meet their customer’s’ needs, it’s actually never been easier. Thousands of people have taken their nascent mom-and-pop businesses, thrust them into the digital marketplace and make a killing. Here are some stories.


Steve: Bumblebee Linens


A few years ago, Steve found himself in a bit of a bind. He and his family depended on his wife’s six-figure income for their high standard of living. But when she lost her job, the family got into trouble. Steve considered taking another, better paying job, but ultimately decided that it would take him away from his family, the reason he had stayed at home to begin with.



In order to both get money and spend time with his family, Steve decided to open an online store. The concept of an online store was amazing. Steve got some help with Magento development and then left his server running to take orders 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Now that the server is up and running, he barely has to think about it.


Ron: Sunny Decals


Ron decided that he wanted to open an online store after the birth of his son. No matter where he looked online, he couldn’t find the stuff he wanted to decorate his son’s new bedroom and nursery walls. What was out there was really poor quality and smelled like toxic chemicals.



Ron decided that he wanted to replace the vinyl decals that were on the market with something healthier. He decided, together with his wife, that they could make and sell a better product online. Now their online business produces a handsome income for the couple, allowing them to do things like go on holiday with their child.


Sandy: Get Unrobed


Sandy realized that a change of lifestyle was required after the birth of his son. As a parent, he knew that his son had to be at the top of his list of priorities. As a result, he decided to totally redesign his life, giving up on the traditional 9 to 5 and finding a way that would suit his newfound family life.


The journey for Sandy began with the opening of an online shop. The shop itself sells robes to women. But the main benefit that Sandy experienced was the shift from B2B to the consumer market. One of the most exciting things about opening an online store is that you’re finally selling directly to customers. In the B2B market, Sandy was used to having many long conversations with prospective clients before they decided to buy, never really knowing whether they would or not. But in the online business, he now gets customers out of the blue, which is something that would never have happened before.


Sandy was surprised by how quickly the business took off. At first, orders for $250 worth of goods came about once per week. But before long, they were coming every day, the twice a day.


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