Business Image Is Everything!

The perception of business is everything. You could be a startup, or a business that has been in the game for decades, it doesn’t matter, you still need to present a great business. Your image dictates who uses you and sees you as a place to spend their money. You can use the traditional store front as an example. If you have a dirty, tarnished sign, yet a few doors up is a business with a new clean sign who do you think the customers are going to prefer? It is so obvious. Spend time on the look of your business and a customer and revenue stream will follow. The image you present draws people in. That is why the huge companies out there always invest so much money into this part of their business. You may have considered some of these points, but if not try to apply them to your business so that you can present a better image and as a result draw in more custom.


Think about your city, where is good and where is bad. You’ll obviously pay more rent on the places that are nicer, but you can work around this and settle on somewhere that has no stigma attached. This is one of the first things you need to think about while considering your business image. Your address will appear on the bottom of every letter you send out. If you run a business out of an office you may want to present from a better address than you actually operate from. As a result you could consider premier global office solutions. This is of course only suitable if you don’t meet people at your office. It can bring people in who trust a certain location more than the one you operate out of. Remember your address is important, but you need to present the best image possible. If you are a startup you may want to consider this before you decide on your premises.



As well as your actual premises you need a virtual presence too. In this day and age there aren’t many businesses that aren’t represented in the virtual space. If you sell products through your website or solicit most of your services through it then this is even more important. You need to make it inviting and recognisable. Be professional. You must make sure there aren’t glitches or dead links on the website. If there are you will lose some respect from your customer base. Imagine how annoying it is when you’re on a website and can’t get to where you want to go. You would leave for a competitor. Don’t open this option up for others visiting your website. Use a great web developer who can make it stand out. Test it and be comfortable with the way it works. Your branding needs to be all over it and be concise and easy to recognise, this way people can come back when they want to. Professionalism is everything here, present your business in a professional way and you will certainly reap the rewards.

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