Around The World In Four Easy Steps

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Do you plan on travelling the world sometime soon? Are you sick and tired or going to Blackpool on your holidays? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to put up with it anymore. Organising the trip of a lifetime sounds like a big deal, but it isn’t as hard as it seems. All it takes is a couple of simple steps, and you can make giant strides in the right direction. Preferably somewhere like Australia or the USA! For all you wannabe world travellers, here are the tips that make planning the logistics a doddle.


Book A Multi-Pass Ticket


The main issue with travelling the world is getting from one place to the next. In places like Europe or South East Asia, this isn’t a problem due to the proximity. For example, if you’re a European citizen (UK residents look away now) you can travel to any country in the EU without a visa. In places like Australia, it becomes more difficult as it’s more remote. With a ticket that allows multi travel, there is no need to worry. The only thing you have to do is call the airline and book a flight when you’re ready to leave. There’s no hassle and no extra cost.


Get The Visas Beforehand


If you do need a visa, please don’t wait until you’re in the country to apply. For one thing, they won’t let you in, and you’ll be stuck in the airport. For another, the logistics are much harder when you’re abroad. There are countless stories of travellers having to wait for weeks for a visa, and that isn’t a nice thought. The entire point of travelling is freedom. And, you won’t have any if you’re landlocked waiting for a call from the embassy.


Packing – The Fine Line


What this means is that there is a thin line between mediocre packing and excellent packing. Average packers fill their suitcases with as much as possible and lug it around the world. Classy packers only pack the essentials and pick up the rest when they land. The latter is the best option for two reasons. The first is that stores in foreign countries cater for travellers. As a result, you can pick up all the essentials and save space. Secondly, you can buy the hard to find items with a handy online store app. Plenty of businesses ship to foreign countries, and firms like Amazon even have branches around the world. Remember that the world is a much smaller place when you start packing.


Go With The Flow


Once all the admin is over, it’s time to enjoy the experience. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you might not enjoy every minute of travelling. It isn’t obligatory – it’s down to your attitude. People that open their minds and embrace the culture are the ones that have the time of their lives. With that in mind, don’t stick to a rigid plan. Have a map in your mind, but put it to one side when the opportunity arises.


After all, the best times are the spontaneous ones.

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