Startup Necessities

You may be at the planning stage, or perhaps you have already set your business up and it is running smoothly. Even so, there are still necessities you need to implement so that your business runs smoothly. Business is a tricky game. It depends what kind of company you own that dictates the necessities required, yet there are some no business owner should avoid. You may already have thought of some of these and that is great! But take a look at some of the others lest there is something important you have forgotten about somewhere along the line.


Pay Your Employees


If you don’t pay your workers right then how can you expect them to give their best? Make sure the infrastructure is in place to facilitate the correct payment. It is the decent thing to do. If you are feeling like your time is a bit too stretched then consider using Portfolio Payroll to find the right worker that can manage payroll systems and ensure your people get paid properly. It really is important and a business necessity. It can stop your best employees jumping ship and going elsewhere, leaving you with more headaches that you really won’t need when trying to run a fledgling business.





A startup needs visibility more than anything else. If people don’t know you exist how can you expect them to come to you and purchase from you. This is even more pertinent if you operate an online company. You need to start looking at marketing, or start thinking about search engine optimisation. Post flyers through doors, get a social media account and start posting key and relevant content from it that links back to your website. Ask for people to review your product and service, keep pushing and pushing until your business is literally in front of people and they cannot ignore it. Your visibility is key, don’t lose it, and don’t forget about it. Check out your key competitors and see how visible they are, that will show you why it is so important.


Two things are sure in life, they say, death and taxes. Business taxes are supremely important because if you don’t pay them correctly then you will certainly get fined, which is another drain on your finances you simply won’t need, especially in your first year. For your first tax return it is advised to get a consultant on board. You’ll have to pay for one of course, yet they are a worthwhile investment because they could inform you of tax breaks or refunds available to your business type, and ensure you don’t overpay in any kind of way, meaning you’ll make your money on the investment. Pay it on time, and if you can’t afford a consultant give it some time. It sucks, and your time could obviously be better spent elsewhere, but get it right and don’t give them a reason to come back after you, which will waste even more time. Get it right the first time around.

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