Safety: The Solid Foundation

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The value your employees bring to your business can never be underestimated. They should be your priority in every sense of the word. Moral support, health and safety support, and productivity are three of the ways to make sure that your staff is feeling up to the demands placed on them in a work situation. While we all run our businesses with different styles of leadership, we have to make sure that the outcomes are always the same, happy staff that are productive. Here are some things you can practice to make sure that your staff is working to their best abilities.


A skill that needs to be seen in businesses where people are working in close proximity, and under duress, empathy is something that employees on the front line need to see from their leaders. It is something that many people work their way up the ladder and tend to forget that they were once down the pecking order. Every small business needs to work together properly, as there is no opportunity to pick up the slack because every person is vital to the success of the business, as a result, this can cause stress and anxiety. Being able to empathize with your colleagues and employees is a simple approach to establishing a sense of trust.  

A Comfortable Working Environment

Sometimes people are not working at their best because they are not comfortable. We all work differently if we’re too hot or we’re distracted, and it can be a hard thing to get right. By going on some OSHA training you can get good background knowledge of hazardous working practices, but also you can get inspired to make your own office or place of business a better environment to work in. The difference a comfortable working environment makes to business productivity can be very substantial, and this can be something as straightforward as improving the chairs and desks, to making a room available for the purposes of relaxing. There are companies that have chill out zones or even places to have a quick nap, and they have all shown to improve productivity!   

The Open-Door Policy

There is a difference between a colleague and a boss. Being in charge can cause a feeling of “us and them” if it’s not addressed in the early stages. Having an open-door policy helps employees to open up a lot more if they are struggling with certain personal issues, and a lot of bosses are very keen to keep this out of the workplace. This is not a very good approach to understanding your employees and how their work is affected. It is a very simple method to employ, and your colleagues will appreciate you all the more for it. By building your relationships with employees, it means that trust is greatly improved. We all have to have trust in our superiors, and managers have to trust their workers, it goes both ways, and this policy is the first step to creating a very solid working foundation.


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