5 Signs You’re Ready To Move Home

Sometimes, the feeling that we’ve outstayed our welcome in a house that we once considered to be our home can creep up on us. We’ll wake up and suddenly have the epiphany that something needs to change. Our true intentions can’t always be so accommodating, however, and often it’s hard to know what it is we really want. At those times, we need to be paying attention to the telltale signs that a move would be the best thing for us.

Source: Pexels.com

You’re Stacking People Up/Too Much Space


We can a love a home, and it might kill us to think about moving, but sometimes it’s the only logical thing to do. This is usually the case when our little ones aren’t so little anymore and it feels like you’re rapidly feeling more and more claustrophobic. To have the right family dynamic, only a bigger place will do. Conversely, if the children leave home and you have too many empty rooms, downgrading your home is the financially sound thing to do, even if you have many great memories there.


You’re Uninspired


Sometimes, it’s not about what’s logical. It’s all about feeling. If you’re feeling uninspired in your home and find yourself asking Google to ‘buy my house cash’, then it’s time to start looking elsewhere. Moving forward, it’s about finding a place that doesn’t have the drawbacks of your current home. Make a list of the things you don’t like and make it your priority that your next home won’t have those features.


The Last of the Gang To Leave


Life always has a nasty habit of pushing forward, even when we wish everything would stay still just as it is. If you’re living in a house you like, surrounded by your friends and family, but then they all begin to drift away to the suburbs or other corners of the country, you might have to ask yourself whether you really want to be the last person not to move on. This usually happens in your early thirties: should you stick with your fun lifestyle, or is it time to get serious and move somewhere more practical?


Renovating Is Not Cost Effective


You can always love a place and really want to stay there and it still might not be the best course of action. If you live in a place that needs a lot of expensive renovation work, then you need to question whether it’s really worth throwing money at an expensive problem or moving on to another home that doesn’t need the work.


The Commute Is Killing You

The dream job, or home? If you’ve landed the job of your dreams that you have no intention of leaving but the commute to and from the office is too draining, it’s time to move. You’ll be able to create a fresh batch of brilliant memories in your new home, but you might not be able to find the perfect job if you give it up just to stay where you are.

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