Out Of Work In 2017? Not Any Longer!



The past couple of years hasn’t been good for the unemployed. In the US and UK alone the figure is close to and above 5%. And, these are two of the better unemployment rates as some countries hit 40%. As a result, finding a job is bound to be difficult because the market isn’t in the best shape. Still, what should a person do, sit there and take it on the chin? Of course not because life still rolls on, so people that are out of work need to find an answer. The good news is there is a handful of them underneath.


Beef Up The Resume


Potential candidates need to view their resume in the right light. That doesn’t mean they should hold it up to the light bulb because that’s insane. What it means is that they need to treat it with the right level of respect. A good CV or resume or whatever people call it these days is the only thing between the candidate and the employer. Sure, there is time to show off excellence during the interview process, but they have to get there first. A dull, unoriginal resume won’t do the trick, which is why it needs maintenance. A tip – list the jobs that relate to the role and think about the transferable skills. Employers love employees that fit the job and person specifications.



Attach An Awesome Covering Letter


It’s vital that an unemployed person shows the employer why they are the best. The bad news is that a resume isn’t the greatest way to hit that goal. However, the good news is that candidates can always attach a covering letter. Whereas a CV is basic, a letter is thorough and full of details. It should cover what makes a person qualified for the job, and give real life examples. Again, go through the job spec and link skills with the conditions for the best results. A sharp, detailed covering letter resume combo always stands out from the crowd.


Surf The Job Sites


There is nothing more soul destroying than spending the day looking at job sites. Still, it’s imperative as people get access to a list of customer service job vacancies they wouldn’t otherwise. Think about how the average person finds a job, and think where they would be without sites like Indeed. Lots of companies like to hide their listings, which means it would be impossible without an online source. A good tip is to try and use the mantra quality over quantity. Applying for jobs that a person doesn’t want is pointless as it promotes unhappiness. Instead, candidates should find the ones they like and apply. Sign up to as many as possible to get alerts about new positions.



Be Social Media Savvy


Imagine the scene. An employer finds an employee they like and check them out online. What the online search reveals is a plethora of social media platforms that aren’t very becoming. The employer makes a quick judgment and casts aside the application. It happens all the time as people think their social media accounts aren’t fair game. They are, so the privacy restrictions need adjusting ASAP.
One final tip – keep on trucking. It’s long process, but it pays off in the end.

Author: Anya

Founder at The TechGirl Journal & The IDEA Bucket ; Anya lives in California while working in the field of Computational Genomics. TechGirl Journal is focussed on the lifestyle of a girl in STEM and tips on how to build a business and a career in tech with a focus on skill-development, interviews, internship, personal projects, and pet-peeves! The IDEA Bucket is focused on small business ventures and practical, urban lifestyles. For specific inquiries, you can e-mail: hello@techgirljournal.com

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