Don’t Hesitate. Automate

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times come out with an article about how technology is going to eat up the world’s jobs practically every week. There’s a fear among the general public that with the rise of profoundly powerful technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum computers, and 3D printing, their jobs and livelihoods are at risk.


Companies need to think about this transition too. McKinsey has estimated that around half of all jobs can be automated with today’s existing demonstrable technologies, meaning that even if there is no technological progress over the next twenty years, about half of the workforce may no longer be needed. Businesses that don’t embrace this change will see their costs rise and their profits shrink relative to their automating competitors.


The good news is that there is plenty you can do already to automate your business and save on labor. Here are just a few examples.


Sales And Commerce


Coming up with marketing materials and selling your business used to be an inherently time-consuming process. But thanks to the emergence of companies like Printful, it’s becoming a lot easier. Printiful is a facility that lets companies print on a variety of different products for a small fee. You can print your marketing materials on mugs, t-shirts and even tote bags.



Another major drag on businesses’ time is organizing conferences and events. There are a couple of well-known event planning services out there already, including Eventbrite. But one of the most popular is currently RegFox. Businesses like RegFox because of the fact that they charge a fixed processing fee of $1 per participant, rather than take a percentage cut of the total fee, like Eventbrite. Services like these help to cut the time and monetary cost of hosting an event.


Internet Automation


Downloading and installing software updates from the internet for your business systems can be a real chore. But if you click here, you’ll see that many of these processes can now be automated, especially if you’re using the cloud. Today there are all sorts of networking tools that help businesses streamline their digital operations.


One such tool is called IFTTT. The idea behind IFTTT is to provide companies with a tool that allows them to make “digital recipes” for commonly performed actions so that they don’t have to be done manually every time. For instance, suppose you get an email from a new client. Instead of having to extract their information from an email and put it into a spreadsheet, IFTTT tools automate the whole process with a single click.


All-In-One Platforms


Havings lots of different applications can be a hassle, especially if they’re not integrated with one another. But now companies like Infusionsoft are disrupting the market by offering businesses the whole package, right over the cloud. The idea here is to provide businesses with a marketing solution that doubled up as a CRM tool which has all of the usual features, as well as e-commerce. Like many other platforms, Infusionsoft is a hub for many other apps that can be added to the service if required.


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