You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

It’s usually pretty straightforward to know what the strengths of business are, because they’re usually set by the business owner. Whatever their area of expertise is is typically what that company excels at. However, that will only get a business so far. Like everything else, a business is only as strong as its weakest link. And in business, with all its small details that need to be taken care of, it’s sometimes difficult to discover what exactly that weakest link is. When that happens, we can look to technology to help us solve the problem.


Measuring Your Online Performance


You can have a stellar online marketing plan and implement it exactly to your specifications, but it’s not enough to just let the work take care of itself. It’s really important to stay on top of how your social media platforms are performing, and to make the most of the vast swaths of data that are available on how people are interacting with it. If you’re struggling to gain much traction from your social media channels, then make sure you’re analysing the performance and making the changes where necessary.


Too Many Distractions


In some cases, it’s not that we have a weakest link – it’s that there are too many links to begin with. If you find yourself dealing with issues that really aren’t your speciality, then you’re not operating in a smart (or cost effective) way. Many organisations struggle with their IT solutions, for instance, when they could outsource the work to a professional team and remove “the weakest link” altogether. It’s technology to the rescue, just in the hands of those who know what they’re doing.


Keeping Your Data Safe


One of the most common weak points for a company is actually one of the biggest threats posed to a company: data breaches and cyber security. The numbers vary, but it’s estimated that somewhere in the region of 70% of businesses have inadequate security, with most putting the blame on daily IT tasks taking up too much time. Companies such as Digital Planet can help to keep network’s secure, which in turn keeps your sensitive data (both the company’s and its customers) safe from nefarious hackers. In this day and age, when cyber hacking is becoming more and more sophisticated, having insufficient defences in place is akin to having a hole in the fence.


Analysing Employee Performance


Your employees probably have the best of intentions, but the fact remains that they’re not always bringing their absolute best to your business. By analysing your employee projects closely, you can keep an eye on their productivity and establish where it is exactly that you’re falling short as you drive toward your objectives. In the longer term, this type of data driven analysis of employee performance can help determine new hiring and promotion policies. It might also show that your shortcomings are less to do with your employees and more the way they are managed and organised, or the systems they use as part of their work.


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