Product Perfection

Getting your product from inception to the shop shelves can be exciting, yet also a daunting process that requires gut and determination. Your business may be reliant on the product, or the product may just be a smaller part of your business. Whatever you case, you need to ensure that everything goes without a hitch. It is easier said than done, as there are many variables. This article can help you make the right choices and put you in the correct state of mind. You may of already considered the points mentioned, but by reviewing them you could see areas where you need to divert more time and resources too.


Get A Finished Article


Before you do anything you need the product completely finished to your first specifications. To do this you need to design it, form it, make it exactly what you expected it to be. Then, you must pack it properly. Use a packing firm, you can find one at Check the product, give it a one over and ask yourself whether there is anything you can improve upon. If there is, then do it. Make any change you can that will improve the product and its perception. If you think it can be improved before sending it out, others will too. You’ll never be able to fully back and commit to a product you think is somehow floored. Only when the product is perfect in your eyes can you move on.


Use A Listening Group


To fully find perfection you need to seek feedback. After all, they do say it is a gift. From the feedback you can make changes you feel are necessary, whether to the product itself or the packaging. Get together a listening group. Offer them free products or something to sweeten the deal. You can target it if you wish. For example, if you have made something geared towards students, get a demographic of students, of all ages and both sexes. The people in your listening group can try out your product and feed back to you what the issues are. The key here is toeing the line between taking advice and acting upon advice. If one person has a gripe, and the others don’t, the general rule of thumb would be to ignore it. If they all complain about something, then you know it needs to be changed.


Pitch It
So now you think it is perfect and so do the customers at your listening group. Now you need to get it out there. You should pitch your product to industry professionals. Whether it be people from leading supermarkets or expert reviewers. From doing this, you will get an expert eye on your product and could potentially find out something else that is wrong with it. It can be a harrowing experience, but from it you can go back to the drawing board and iron out the final kinks. After it has been seen by the experts and the customers, and passed both tests, you know it is ready for mass production.

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