Using Technology to Create a Cohesive Workforce

Of all the battles that a business leader faces, few are as important as ensuring their workers are fully engaged with their job. While many company owners tend to look at their customers as the number one priority, in actual fact it is the staff that transforms a good company into a great one. Treat them well and the results will naturally follow. As such, you should be doing everything to make sure they have the tools they need to create a cohesive workforce. Do this and you’ll be able to take care of your own tasks confident that the rest of the business is running at full capacity.



The Tools To Talk


You can have the happiest, most engaged workforce on the planet, but if they don’t have the tools they need to put their ideas and collaboration into practice then you’ll be missing out on the results you should be getting. Having an open workspace that has the infrastructure to communicate can have surprising benefits, too: it can turn colleagues into best friends. If people are encourage to talk to one another, and have platforms in which to do so (say, an intranet system or in house social media page), then they will do. It can also help establish good feel vibes with your business partners. Technology has allowed us to create video calls that are much more effective and productive than phone calls (and even more so emails) and adds “the human element” to work with another and others.


Innovation in Employees


A fully cohesive workforce won’t need you at the helm. It’ll be taking care of itself, all over the workplace, as employees work together to push the company forward. You can use modern software to foster this movement – the big players are; some 80% of workers use virtual technology to work together. Cloud computing solutions are well documented, but one of their more overlooked advantages is that it creates a platform that allows workers to collaborate on projects, independently and in teams.


A worker can be in the office or elsewhere (a favorite tactic in Silicon Valley is to send their employees anywhere they like to work on a problem) and be working with another worker. A cohesive workplace isn’t about being a slick, well regimented unit: it’s about creating synergy between your most valuable assets, your employees.


Blending Business With Pleasure

If you’ve got a ban on personal devices in the workplace, you might want to rethink your policy. For starters, it’ll be a battle that you won’t win, and especially as the millennials who are glued to their devices enter the workforce in big numbers. Encouraging people to bring – and use – their devices at work has advantages to your company, too. It’s blurring the lines between business and pleasure, which speaks to the ever fluid nature of what it is “to work”. They’ll also be using these devices, which they naturally feel comfortable using, to do work for you, boosting their productivity and output. In any case, devices are here to stay – so embrace them!

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