Every Entrepreneur Needs A Little Support

Entrepreneurs tend to be capable people. They’re able to stay positive and optimistic, even if the challenges they face on a day to day basis seem insurmountable. But sometimes, even entrepreneurs need a little support, even if it’s to just get the job done faster. The good news is that there are now plenty of tools available online that help entrepreneurs get organized and spend more time doing what they’re good at: making money.

Here are some of the top tools that support entrepreneurs online.


Tools For Building Email Marketing Lists


If you try and send out a mass email from your regular email address, the chances are that you’ll run into trouble. Big email providers don’t like it when you send an email out to hundreds of recipients and will often mark what you send as spam, preventing it from ever reaching its intended destination.



This is why online marketers and entrepreneurs are turning to applications like MailChimp, an email marketing tool that allows businesses to collect email addresses and send out mass emails. The good thing about these tools is that they also allow marketers to collect data on how well their email campaign is going while remaining “spam compliant.” Practically every company now uses a mail service, like the tool at MailChimp.com, to send out emails to customers.


Tools For Contacting Customer Support


Most entrepreneurs work with dozens, if not hundreds of different companies to provide a service. But those services don’t always work as they should. Finding contact details quickly and easily for customer support can be difficult, but now that’s all changing with the advent of online directories, like contactfound.com. With these directories, entrepreneurs are able to quickly get the customer service they need to get their business operational again, whether it’s sorting out the telephone service or troubleshooting software.


Tools For Managing Customers


Customer support is a vital part of any business plan. But it can be difficult to organize when your customers are contacting you through multiple different channels.  Customer support tickets can be generated by email, chat, social media or telephone, and so knowing which to prioritize can be a challenge. Service like Zendesk, however, provide a way to manage all these requests from different channels in a single, easy-to-use system. This helps companies stay on top of customer support and generate more happy customers.


Tools For Chatting Live To Customers


Live chat is fast becoming the preferred method of communication with businesses, especially among millennials who have grown up in a world of text chat. But communicating directly with your customers over your website was difficult – until now, that it. There is a range of text chat options that companies can embed on their websites, including service like Olark. These allow you to see who’s using your site, what page they’re on, where they’re connecting from and their username. This allows you to communicate with visitors in a targeted fashion and quickly answer any questions about your service they may have. These tools as particularly useful for businesses that suffer from cart abandonment as customers can ask questions if they get confused.


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