Warehouse Wonders

Running a warehouse isn’t an easy feat. There are many things you need to think about, some that are likely yet to cross your mind. It can be a fruitful business, maybe it is all you do, holding stock for other companies. Or maybe it is a back up stock area for the business you already run. Whatever the situation, there are various things you need to consider, otherwise your reputation as a business leader will quickly diminish and your business will suffer too. Here are some things you need to be thinking about to ensure your warehouse stays safe and efficient.


Proper Segregation


Sometimes different products need to be kept apart. It could be a food safety issue, or maybe it is a case of keeping gas type items away from other items which could potentially cause them to ignite. You need to ensure these stay apart. You can either keep them at opposite ends of the warehouse, or you can use some form of industrial curtain wall to keep them away from each other. You can find deals from AmCraft. Getting the segregation right is more important if you store other businesses stock. If you don’t do it properly then they will lose their respect in you and maybe find another kind of warehouse to store their stock in. You need to be safe, and keep the items inside secure and away from harm.




Stock Management System


Some warehouses are huge, as such you’ll need a proper stock management system to ensure everything is accounted for. You need to scan in, and scan out. So the system knows exactly what is in the warehouse. Old paper based systems are now redundant. If you don’t use one of the many management systems then you could be doing yourself a disservice. Broken items and maybe even stolen items will go missing from time to time but without a proper system you could be losing thousands. This kind of mismanagement can send your business down the drain. Keep stock of everything and find a system that really works. You may need to train the users on it to ensure they get how to use it, and a top line system can be expensive. But it can be the difference between a well managed successful warehouse and one that essentially does not work.


Health And Safety
This is a large aspect to proper warehouse management. If you do not have the correct health and safety procedures and something goes wrong then your business could be in danger from lawsuits and closures. Get it right. There will be all different types of health and safety issues and it all depends on what you store in the warehouse. Training is a must. You must be certain that your workforce have the skills you need to handle certain goods. Food is one, with food safety being a huge aspect of food handling training which covers cross contamination and temperature control. There are many other things you should be wary of, such as fireworks, gas, chemicals.

Published by Anya

Founder at The Coder Chick (previously The IDEA Bucket); Anya lives in Denver and works as a Data Scientist. The Coder Chick is focused on the lifestyle of a girl in STEM and tips on how to build a business and a career in tech with a focus on skill-development, interviews, internship, and personal projects! The IDEA Bucket was originally focused on small business ventures and practical, urban lifestyles. For specific inquiries, you can e-mail contact@thecoderchick.com

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