Refurbishing A Bedroom On A Budget


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Want to bring your bedroom back to life, but don’t have the cash to buy new furniture? Here are some adjustments you can make without buying a new bed or wardrobe.


Repair, reposition and repurpose – don’t replace


Simply changing the orientation of your bedroom can have a profound effect. Of course, you may want to do a little more. Unless the bed is broken, you needn’t replace it, and can probably replace a slat or two easily. Consider a creative headboard or buying a new selection bedding to give new life to it. For wardrobes and chests of drawers, consider little adjustments that you can make practically and aesthetically. Buy new linear motion slides for your drawers if they are broken and swap out the drawer pulls. Fit another rail inside your wardrobe so that you can hang more clothes.


Colour code


One simple way of revamping the room is to add a new splash of colour to the walls. You can even repaint wooden furniture such as bedside cabinets and drawers to colour code the room, as well as matching curtains and bed spreads to the decor. Different colours can have different psychological effects so don’t go too crazy. Blues and lavenders can be more calming, which may be better for turning your bedroom into a zone of calm, whilst reds and yellows are more vibrant – which is okay if you want your bedroom to be a place of wild passion.


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Get rid of your wardrobe


Bear with me. Some people going for a more minimalist feel have been getting rid of the wardrobe altogether and replacing it with a more rustic clothes rail. This puts all your items of clothing permanently on display, although may limit how many you can own. For those wanting to cut back on their clothes hoarding this could be a good thing.  


Freshen up with plants


A plant or two can help purify the air, and keep you more in touch with nature. A small potted plant on the window sill or in the corner of the room could immediately liven the place up. Popular choices are aloe vera, bonsai plants and peace lilies. Some plants such as lavender and jasmine are even thought to improve sleep quality.


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Let in light


How do you let more light into your home without building another window? Buying less heavy curtains is certainly one option, but you can also let light in by creatively using mirrors. A mirror opposite your window could have the effect of another pane of glass and brighten up the room considerably. Mirrors can also be placed on the back of a bedroom door and on the front of wardrobe doors. For pokey bedrooms, they’re especially useful for making the room seem bigger.

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