The Importance of the First Impression

However important it may be to keep customers and maintain and healthy and productive relationship with them, it is also just as important to get in new ones. To do, there are a whole host of different marketing techniques and methods out there, but the one that is possibly the most effective of all is the first impression. A strong one indicates to any potential customer or client you meet means they are going to perceive you as a strong business person; a weak one is, yep, you guessed it, going to make them think that you are weak.

Your should view your first impression as your first opportunity to depict both yours and your business’s personality. For instance, if yours is funeral service business, then your first contact with a client must be both a professional and sorrowful one. However, if yours is a business that deals with, say, toy making, then you should aim to appear jovial and approachable. If this is the type of personality you are trying to portray, however, it’s still important to retain a sense of professionalism. A good way to do so is provide the prospective client that is meeting you for the first time with a business card. You can find a affordable card that will make your first impression a lasting one at Business cards are a great tool to equip yourself with when it comes to the game of trying to optimise every first impression you make, and you should definitely invest in having a pack of them make if you are an entrepreneur that is always on the move. This is because, wherever you on your travels, you will always be able to leave a mark of your first impression behind. Another way to retain professionalism in your first impressions is to refrain from using foul and slang language. Nothing puts a potential client off more than them thinking you’re a potty mouth, and using slang could make them think you are uneducated, which is not the vibe you’re trying to give off.


Dressing well is also a great way to give off a professional first impression


You can also transmit to the potential client before you that you are competent in your field. Try not to blind them with too much science or boast too much about your attributes, as they may think you’ve got a big ego; you should instead take time to actually listen to the person’s question and the answer accordingly. That way, you cannot be deemed to be a ‘big-head’, because they asked you to explain something, and you didn’t do it of your own accord. Of course, this mean you should always be clued up on everything that is going on in your business and should definitely be aware of any recent changes that have taken place. Other aspects of you and your business that you can convey during the first impression are openness and reliability; make sure to click here to see how.


Now you know just how important the first impression is in the world of business, check out these 10 suggestions for making a good first impression in business. And always remember to have a sturdy handshake!


A sturdy handshake is a must

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