Reasons Companies Fail To Test Software

When it comes to putting a new product out there, it’s always a terrifying time. Will the product receive the praise you think it deserves? Will enough units sell? What happens if it flops? There’s a lot to worry when it comes to launching a new product, but one thing that shouldn’t be on your mind is whether the software will function correctly. And yet, many companies – normally smaller companies, fail to test their software before selling it onto other businesses or to consumers as part of a product. The question is, why do so many companies fail to test their software? Let’s delve a little deeper and find out.


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A lack of time


One of the most common reasons that companies fail to test their software is due to a lack of time. For many smaller companies, their business centers on urgency to get a new product or service out as quickly as possible. It’s all about surviving; it’s not about perfecting things, it’s about ensuring that the business stays afloat, which means getting products and services out as quickly as possible. For some companies, having glitches in a first version of a software update isn’t a problem, while for others it is. It all depends on the company. Take Apple, for example; they release software with glitches in and then release updates to fix them.


Not enough man power


For a lot of smaller companies, manpower is an issue when it comes to testing software, which is why it’s neglected. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, as outsourcing the testing is an option, as is installing automated software such as QASymphony’s test management system, qTest that can speed up the process regardless of the manpower that’s in place. It’s always better to outsource the task or use specialist software for it, instead of bypassing it. As the last thing you want is to lose a customer over software with a glitch in it.


Developers prefer to test their own software


When it comes to software that they have designed, developers often treat it like it’s their baby. After spending weeks or even months on it, it’s easy to see why this is. In their eyes, their software is perfect in every way. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s actually perfect. For this reason, a lot of developers want to test their own software. However, this can lead to issues with what exactly are considered errors – you see, testers tend to be more critical thinkers, meaning that they see errors where others don’t. This ensures that before a product or service is released, any problems have been dealt with. However, not all developers are having to let testers loose on their work.


These are just a few reasons why many companies – normally smaller companies, fail to test their own software. From a lack of time and manpower to developers not wanting to let specialists loose on their work, there are an array of reasons to take into account and consider when it comes to the failure to test software before releasing it.

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