The Data-Driven Approach To Getting More From The Business

Most businesses do a great deal of their work, administration and otherwise, on PCs and other digital technology. Not only does IT allow us to do plenty of tasks a lot more efficiently. It can also collect a lot of data. The systems we use collect a lot of data, data we could use to get a lot more from our business if only we took a proper look at it.



More from your team

Regardless of how strong a tool your digital technology setup is, it is the people who use those tools that matter the most. Productivity begins with the team first and foremost. But even human labor is easily converted into data. Workflow management systems like Kissflow allow you to look at the every detail of what your team does without having to get in and micromanage. But automating some work and tracking the rest, it’s a lot easier to spot breaks in productivity before they start affecting the business as a whole. Spot the kinks in the workflow, work them out and allow your team to do the best they can.

More from your money

As important as money is, it’s a lot more reliable to simply transform them into the figures that allow you a more objective look at them. Accounting tools are essential software for recording and reviewing the details of every transaction the business is involved in. Every sale, every invoice, every payroll can all be factored in and compared to your cash flow projection. Without keeping track, it’s too easy to find yourself overspending and causing real risk to the business’s plans.

More from your site

The site is an important tool for the business. It informs the visitor on the true value of the business and converts them into customers. You want it to make as many of those conversions as possible. Conversion rate optimization techniques by teams like PRWD do that by finding out which elements of the site design work best. By streamlining the site and using only the most effective elements, they pick the very best of your site design and make it even more effective by bringing it right to the visitor’s attention. Whether you want customers being directed to a specific product or a specific piece of information, CRO can give you more control on where they go.

More from your customers

The better a business understands their customer, the more they can tailor marketing, sales, and communication to them. If you use customer relationship management software, then tools like InsightSquared can look at the data collected in that software to provide an even deeper look. You can more accurately forecast sales, generate more leads, track the profitability of the current market and more. No more do you have to worry about whether or not your current customer base can sustain you, you can get the answer right there in front of you.

There is nothing more reliable than data. When you start using it, it can give you the truest insights on the business. No opinion, no bias, just a frank look at the strengths and challenges of the business.

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