Scale Up And Calm Down! Coping With The Challenges Of An Expanding Business


Upscaling is a task that comes to us all in the business world. It is a good sign of course, but it comes with a lot of general anxieties. From the tiny startup you once were, you have come along in leaps and bounds, and are now trading at a much higher level, but the rustic approach to startups with everyone mucking in together for the sake of the company begins to be compromised, and people can become somewhat territorial about their roles. So here is how you can scale up and calm down.

Be More Defined

The natural growth of a company where it was just you and your business partner, to a whole team of workers, and now you will have to expand that team further, means you have to give roles more definition. The “IT guy” who did the SEO, social media, content, and fixed the computers, will now have to specialize in one role, and others will have to fill those other departments. Functionality is the buzzword for when you scale up, and the only way to make the company function with more focus is to break down each task into roles that need to be filled. Relocation is another vital aspect of scaling up, and as we get into the nitty-gritty of the project management of
commercial construction
, we are looking for a space or need to construct a space that is viable for not just the number of people but also works well as an environment to accommodate these different roles. While segregation was not part of the startup ethos, compartmentalizing is, and it helps to help with the definition of roles.

Hire The Right Leaders

Scaling up means having to deal with new processes, new systems, and new members of staff. Hiring the right line managers or team leaders will be a big shot in the arm when it comes to boosting your business. You need people that are able to motivate and inspire, while also communicating the complex processes in a simple way. Simplicity is the most effective way, and people forget that when it comes to hiring leaders or being a leader. Using complex jargon that baffles people doesn’t make them work better, good communication does. ABG: Always Be Giving is a new maxim that is thrown around sometimes and it means to have an open-door policy. People give for things in return, and while it may result in a couple of extra birthday presents, it’s not a good business approach.

Look After Your Staff

The last piece of the puzzle is your staff. They are the glue. When you leave the startup world behind and become a “proper” business, you will have to offer benefits, like maternity leave, and bonuses. People require security more now than they ever have before, so you need to give it to them. The great thing about looking after your staff is that they will stand by you, and work harder, and this all snowballs into increased revenue, profit, and a good working environment.


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