Work From Home: You Need Comfort Of Home

Working from home is amazing. You do the hours that suits you, no more pesky commute to and from work and you can also save money on irksome petrol and food. Being solo, you are your own boss. So you can pretty much conform to your own rules. But, there comes a few issues when you work from home and one of them is ensuring you are comfortable. It can be an issue that hurts your work output and productivity like none other. So, here are a few things you need to focus on to ensure your output is sustained and consistent. You may already do these, but give the others a try. It might just make the difference.


Find The Right Room


You need to ensure you find the right room for the work at hand. This means a room where you can be productive. The bedroom is out straight away because it is a place where you won’t get much done. You associate it with sleep, and as such either your work will suffer or your sleep will suffer, which again will affect your work. You will be thinking about work as you sleep and sleep when you work. The same applies to working from the living room or a room you relax in. If you relax there, it will be hard getting into the working mentality and your work will suffer. Find a room you don’t usually use and make it your office. Even if you just sling a desk in the corner of the spare room. If you don’t associate it with anything else then great, you’re off to a good start.



Get A Good Chair


You need a good chair otherwise your back and shoulders will suffer. Find one with decent lumbar support and then check a review for it, such as this one You need to make sure the chair suits your way or work. For example, if you have a multi sided desk then you need to be able to swivel back and forth. A good chair means you can sit and work for hours instead of minutes, so make sure it is the right one for you. Get out into a store and test a few and choose the best, but if it isn’t right, take it back and try another one. You’re going to be spending hours and hours a day in this chair so make it one you don’t mind sitting in otherwise you’ll dread your work.


Set The Ambience


Make the place of work somewhere you feel comfortable. Put nice pictures on the wall and give the room a fresh lick of paint. The lighter the room the better you will feel so lift the blinds and let the sun come in. You want to stack the deck in your favour so that you work to a higher level, which is certainly possible. The happier you are in your room the better you will eventually work. Get it right and your work will thank you ten fold.



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