What You Need To Give Your Workers

Studies have found time and time again that only a small proportion of workers are actually engaged with their jobs. Obviously, you want to have a workforce that’s enthusiastic and committed to the tasks that you assign them, and actively contributing to the organization as a whole. If you’re afraid that your employee engagement is dwindling, here are a few things you need to make sure you’re giving your employees…


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Interesting Work

Nobody wants to be stuck in a position where they’re doing the same boring task over and over again. Obviously, some kind of routine is going to be a part of any job. However, you should be going out of your way to make sure all your workers find at least one part of their job truly engaging. This can take some experimentation and risk-taking, but it’s one of the most effective ways to improve employee engagement and productivity. If you’re running a small business, for example, and have someone who’s in charge of measuring your SEO metrics, try to find some way of involving them with the more exciting, creative side of your marketing. If you want someone to do a good job, you need to give them a good job!

A Safe, Healthy Workplace

One of the biggest reasons for employees having poor job satisfaction, and in turn poor engagement, is a feeling that their boss doesn’t care about them. This can be an individual issue, like a lack of career advancement opportunities or not getting paid as much as the employee feels they’re worth. However, it’s even worse when there’s a blatant, glaring issue that affects the entire workforce. As a business owner, one of your fundamental duties is providing your staff with a safe, healthy workplace. This is especially important when you think of how accessible firms like Medler Law Firm LLC are these days! Be sure to have someone in your upper management who’s responsible for keeping tabs on health and safety in the workplace, running risk assessments and adjusting company policy. You should also make a point of keeping the workplace as clean and hygienic as possible. This will not only keep your workforce healthy and safe, but will show them that the company really cares for their wellbeing.


If you started your business as a one-man band, and it’s only just beginning to grow, you may still be fairly used to having a direct role in every little task. You need to be extremely careful that this doesn’t turn into a tendency to micro-manage! Very few professionals like to have their boss looking over their shoulder, checking on every little detail of what they’re doing and holding their hand through tasks they’ve been doing for years. When you give your employees the flexibility to find their own solutions to their challenges, and work in a way that suits them, you’re bound to get much more engagement from them. It may be a little nerve-wracking at first, but try to roll back the walls of head office!

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